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Lecrea's "Fakin'" video Puts Christian Rap Atop MTV's Music Video Picks

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Born-again rapper Lecrae's music video "Fakin'" made it's premiere on MTV and MTV2 Friday and has now risen to the top of MTV.com's Top Music Video's Picks list.

The Texan entertainer tweeted the news from New Orleans where he is set to headline the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration along with Kirk Franklin and the NFL player's choir.

The video, produced by Isaac Deitz and starring fellow rapper Th!s, parodies rappers who boast about their wealth, fame and rough background but are really "fakin'" in order to be successful while introducing listeners to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The song begins "I'm riding round and I’m getting’ it; they riding round pretendin/ I been had it, I been done, I promise that it's all empty/ They say they ridin’ Bugatti's, man, put some babies through college/ Quit tryna’ act like the trap is cool, ‘cause we tired hearin’ that garbage"

Fans are estactic that Lecrea's video is getting so much attention.

Gabe commented on the MTV website, "Props to you MTV, for getting this real word out. These two fellas are legit, and crazy talented. No fakin when it's for the Lord."

Cara wrote "Now this is real music! Praise God MTV is finally doing something right."

Lecrae is a Christian who used influences like his life growing up in Houston to John Piper's book Don't Waste Your Life to craft songs preaching the gospel to the younger generation. "Fakin'" is from Lacrae's album Gravity, his sixth full length studio album released Sept. 4, 2012.

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