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11/21/12 at 11:57 AM 3 Comments

Lindsay Lohan Respects Tebow's Virgin Vow

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Photo: Geoffrey Chandler
Movie Still from Herbie Fully Loaded

Actress and tabloid headliner Lindsay Lohan expressed respect for NFL player Tim Tebow's public vow of abstinence during her appearance on the Jay Leno Show.

Leno asked her to address a number of rumors including one that Tim Tebow had "lost" his virginity to Lohan. She laughed off the accusation saying she had never met the Jets quarterback. When pressed to comment on his lack of sexual activity, Lohan said, "That's great for him."

When asked how she would respond if a date expressed that he is a virgin, Lohan replied "It's a personal preference. I respect that."

Lohan also refuted rumors that she is pregnant, has a secret half sister and has adopted Honey Boo.

The child actress has been a constant fixture in celebrity gossip magazines and websites since her run-in with the legal system in 2012. Lohan has struggled with alcohol addiction and was forced to participate in a number of court-ordered interventions.

She is making an acting comeback in the Lifetime Channel movie "Liz & Dick," premiering Sunday, Nov. 25.

Lohan said that she will be spending Thanksgiving with her mother and siblings in New York.

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