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Lindsay Lohan's Dad Praises Letterman Interview, Prays for Daughter

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Actress Lindsay Lohan shocked many when she called her impending 90-day mandatory rehab a "blessing" on The Late Show Tuesday night -- including her dad. Michael Lohan seemed pleased with the David Letterman interview. He tweeted his praise for his daughter.

"You made me laugh smile, cry and pray. You're amazing. Now and you'll always be. You did such a great job tonight. Just imagine!!! I do. Love, Dad," he shared.

Lindsay's estranged father has also struggled with sobriety.

Letterman quizzed the Liz & Dick star about her problems alcoholism, thievery and nightclub brawls. Lohan dodged many of his questions but admitted, “I put myself in the past in situations where I take full responsibility for it and it wasn’t funny and I was being immature and I was going through a phase.”

She also said her court-ordered rehab is something she's looking forward to.

"I think this is an opportunity for me focus on what I love in life. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I think it’s a blessing not a curse,” Lohan told the Late Show host.

Lindsay will be going to rehab next month. She reportedly got her sentence pushed back so she could attend annual music and arts festival Coachella.

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