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LoLo Jones Celebrates Her Birthday; To Star in '40-Year-Old Virgin' Remake?

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Happy Birthday LoLo!

U.S. Track Athlete Lori "LoLo" Jones turned 30 years August 5.

Jones, a two-time Olympic athlete, is also known for her highly publicized vow of abstinence. She captured Christian headlines when she tweeted her vow on Twitter. Jones later confirmed the news in the HBO docu-series "Real Sports."

"It's just a gift I want to give to my husband," Jones told HBO in a trailer for docu-series "Real Sports."

She also joked to HBO that she would make a perfect "candidate" for a remake of the movie, "40-Year-Old Virgin."

"I'm one year out from turning thirty so I say, if they're making a sequel to the '30-Year-Old Virgin' (SIC) they definitely... I am their candidate. I would love to. I'm a little bit akward like Steve Carell. I could definitely play that role," she said.

All jokes aside, Jones said abstinence is hard, but she is determined to keep her vow for her parents.

"My mom, she was with my dad for 20 years and never got married, and they are not together anymore. So ... I just want that solid bond."

Despite rumors that she would be a perfect match for abstinent NFL player Tim Tebow, Jones appears to be more focused on the Olympics.

Monday morning she qualified for the Women's 100-meter Hurdles in the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

Jones competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympic but finished a in devistating seventh place after tripping after a hurdle.

So far, Jones qualified for the race with second fastest time of 12.68 seconds according to USA Today. World Champion Sally Pearson of Australia ran the fastest time.

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