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Mark Driscoll on Lance Armstrong: Mr. Livestrong is Now Mr. Crashhard

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Mars Hill Founding Pastor Mark Driscoll noted that the disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong has forever lost his carefully crafted identity as a virtous athelete and Livestrong founder. He also challeged the public to re-evaluate their own identies

"No matter how many tears he sheds on national television, no matter how much money he pays in lost endorsement deals, and no matter what sanctions or legal punishment he endures, nothing will ever buy back the sterling reputation Lance Armstrong once enjoyed," Driscoll wrote in his blog.


Armstrong confessed to blood-doping and taking several performance-enhancers to earn his seven Tour De France victories in one-on-one interview with Oprah Winfrey. He also admitted that he had lied and bullied his accusers for 13 years.

Driscoll opinned that Armstrong's admissions exposed that the cyclist many loved and admired was "a self-absorbed worshiper of the god he sees every morning while brushing his teeth." He wrote that Armstrong's fatal flaw was that he put his identity in the wrong thing.

"When we get our identity wrong, we become guilty of idolatry: living for a created thing (like cycling, people’s praise, victory, or money) rather than the Creator of all things," Driscoll explained

The Washington State Pastor challenged onlookers to take a look at their own identies.

"If all the ways you measure your value disappeared in an instant—health, wealth, spouse, children, beauty, girlfriend, Facebook friends, résumé, GPA, car, job—would there be any 'you' left? Would your identity survive if your dark secret suddenly became international news?" Driscoll probed.

The Seattle pastor concluded,"There’s only one true answer to our identity crisis: Jesus Christ."

Armstrong ended his fight against the doping charges last year. However he held out on a full confession until the interview with Winfrey's OWN cable network earlier this month. OWN aired the first of two segments Thursday. The second segment will air Friday.

Read the rest of Driscoll's blog here.

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