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Miley Cyrus Uses Zimmerman Trial to Excuse Racy Video

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Disney child star turned wild child pop singer Miley Cyrus is upset with the censorship of her "cute little video" for recent single "We Can't Stop." MTV's European branch edited the video to take out some of the sexual imagery. The video featured Miley and others dancing lewdly and making suggestive gestures with their bodies.

In an interview for U.K. newspaper the Daily Mail, Cyrus lamented "They’ve edited the video here in the UK. They put a big X over my mouth [because] I was going like ‘this.’" "This," the Daily Mail explained, was an explicit gesture indicating oral sex. The pop singer also complained that MTV also removed scenes of girls "twerking" - a dance that is supposedly derived from strip clubs.

Cyrus, doing her best to explain why the video should be aired in its orginal form, defended the song as inconsequential when compared to the not guilty verdict handed down in the George Zimmerman trial.

Cyrus explained, "I just think the world is so lame because you can shoot people in a movie and you can let people like [George] Zimmerman off on trial but you can't have someone going like this [she simulates oral sex gesture], that is so dumb to me."

She concluded, "The world is such a f--ked up place the last thing people need to worry about is my cute little video for 'We Can't Stop,' you know what I mean?"

The Zimmerman murder trial, which involves a slain African-American teen, is still a sensitive topic for the American public - a point that Cyrus seemed to gloss over in her arguement that her video be allowed to fly under the radar.

But it gets better.

The 20-year-old singer also clarified that We Can't Stop is an ode to drugs, despite her producer's best efforts to suggest otherwise.

Speaking on the lyric change "dancing with Miley," she told the Daily Mail "If you’re aged ten it’s ‘Miley’, if you know what I’m talking about then you know."

If you know what she's talking about, then you know that the orginial lyric "dancing with Molly" means taking MDMA or ecstasy in a dance club according to the online slang guide Urban Dictonary.

The daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley has became a tween sensation in the early 2000s as Hannah Montana -- a fictional TV role as well as a musical stage moniker. Recently she has broken free of the Disney character by wearing revealing clothing, cutting her hair short and singing club anthems such as We Can't Stop and Ashtrays and Heartbreaks -- a marjuana-inspired song with rapper Snoop Lion.

The fiancee to actor Liam Hemsworth told Twitter followers that she is a Christian. However Cyrus said she believes as she sings in We Can't Stop, "only God can judge us."

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