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Preachers' Daughters Act Out for New Lifetime DocuSeries

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Reality TV's fascination with church has now moved beyond pastors' wives and onto their children with Lifetime Network's new docuseries Preachers' Daughters. The show premieres next week. It follows three families, the Colemans, Koloffs and Perrys, as they struggle to keep their daughters away from premarital sex.

The show revels in the girls' interest in the opposite sex.

Taylor Coleman and Olivia Perry are the show's most extreme examples.

In the Lifetime trailers, Taylor, 18, is shown hiding revealing outfits under her clothes, partying with friends and kissing an older male. She hates her father City of Refuge Pentecostal Church Pastor Ken Coleman's protective attitude and is desperate to be "free." Taylor revealed in one of the previews that she has an alter ego that seeks to become a porn star.

Olivia Perry, daughter of Everyday Church Pastor Mark Perry, is an 18-year-old teen mom who is unsure of who is the father of her child. Mark Perry handled the matter with prayer.

Kolby Koloff's challenges seem to be the milder of the three.

The 16-year-old simply asked for her parents' blessing to begin dating. Kolby's mother Victoria Koloff, a director of two pregnancy centers, and father Victoria Koloff, a pro wrestler turned evangelist, both struggled with their daughter's request.

Cable network TLC already has a reality show about preacher's wives called The Sisterhood. The show though popular was criticized by many ministry leaders who believed it to be misleading and offensive. Preachers' Daughters is set to air March 12.

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