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Religious TV Channel GMC Changes its Name

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Each year broadcast and cable television networks hold special presentations in New York City to attract advertisers. These events, called upfronts, attract billlions of dollars in advertising.

At yesterday's upfront for GMC, the network's vice chairman Brad Siegel announced the channel will change its name to UP in June, reported Broadcasting and Cable. This might be a move to differentiate the network from GMC Trucks. The channel has been promoting itself with the motto "uplifting entertainment."

Unlike most religious networks GMC's financial model involves advertising rather than beg-a-thons and preachers buying most of the airtime.

GMC also announced at its upfront plans to feature an original reality TV series, movies and stage plays.

GMC's name was originally Gospel Music Channel but the nework first changed its name in 2010. Gospel Pundit  noted the change at that time, "Word has it that Gospel Music Channel has changed its name to the hip and trendy name 'gmc' to better represent its family-friendly (not gospel music-exclusive) content."

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