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The 'Soul Surfer' Announces Her Engagement

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Bethany Hamilton, the Christian surfer who inspired the movie Soul Surfer, announced that she is engaged to a youth minister named Adam. She made the announcement earlier this month on her Facebook page and website.

"On April 9, 2012, Adam proposed to me and I said, 'Yes!' I know Adam and I are right for each other and that God has us together for Him. Neither of us is perfect, but in my eyes Adam is just right and I’m thankful to have someone so perfectly perfect to share life with as one," she wrote.


The blog said that she and Adam, no last name given, met on the beach and became close friends.

"We started hanging out often. Just as friends – hiking, beach, tennis, hanging with friends – getting to know each other! The more time we spent together the more I liked Adam. He is genuine, kind, fun, adventurous, easy going, friendly to all, passionate for Christ and just a great guy over all! …and he liked me too!," Hamilton shared.

Adam wrote in a separate blog posted on Hamilton's website that he came to island of Kauai where Hamilton surfs to begin a Young Life Christian Ministry there.

He said of their engagement, "We have always sought to have God first and foremost in our relationship, to have Him at the center of it all. Now, we are seeking proper guidance from a pastor and his wife to prepare us and guide us to continue to keep God in the middle of everything and to love each other the way God has intended us to. I am looking forward to keep getting to know Bethany more and more every day and grow in our love every day."

The two got engaged on the beach.

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