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What's Khloe Kardashian to Do About Lamar Odom?

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For the last few weeks Khloe Kashdashian-Odom has been the center of attention as rumors that her NBA foward husband Lamar Odom is struggling with drug abuse swirled around the internet.

The Kashdashian family have not openly confirmed or denied the rumors. However Lamar Odom's recent arrest for driving while under the influence and his wife's ominous comments on Twitter such as "Smile and no one will notice" and "As much as I wish I were made of steel... I'm not" seem to suggest that there may be some truth to the allegations.

Celeb and gossip websites are now watching to see how she will handle the situation. Some are even guessing that they maybe headed towards divorce.

How should she handle this situation? The answers may lie within the Kardashian family's reported Christian faith.

It may be a shock some to know that some Christian couples also deal with drug abusing spouses. While doing a search about issue, the CP Blog team came across a ChristiaNet Chat board where some speak candidly about spouses who are addicted to various substances including alcohol, marijuana, crystal meth and prescription drugs.

As you read their words it is clear that there is no black and white solution to such a problem.

However Focus on the Family (FOTF) shares so very helpful tips help a spouse confront his/her problem and find healing.

Responding to an anynomous letter asking "Where do I turn for help with my spouse’s drug addiction? It has had a devastating impact on our marriage and family, and I feel as if I’ve just about reached the end of my rope," the marriage and family ministry advised the author to remember that he/she is not alone in this problem and to begin seeking counseling immediately.

"We suggest that you and your spouse begin by seeking professional counseling, and we strongly recommend that you do this together. Generally speaking, weekly one-on-one counseling is not sufficient to deal with an addiction of the intensity and severity you’ve described, but a substance abuse counselor could be tremendously helpful in setting up an effective intervention."

A source told ESPN that friends have reportedly already held an intervention with Lamar Odom. It is unclear whether Khloe Kardashian-Odom was part of this effort or if the effort was effective.

FOTF said the obejective of the intervention should be to "persuade your spouse to agree to a program of in-patient treatment." Once the spouse agrees to pursue treatment, FOTF recommended that couples work with a drug counselor to create follow up plan.

Also spouses on ChristiaNet recommend continual prayer.

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