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Will Smith's 12 Yr-old Daughter Sings about "Summer Fling"

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Willow, left, with music video extras.

Twitter fans are outraged about the new song and music video from Will and Jada Smith's daughter Willow, 12. Many believe her song "Summer Fling" is inappropriate for a girl her age.

Although the song makes no overt references to sex, critics cite the title and suggestive lyrics such as "You tell me that I'm the one, I tell you it's just for fun" and "It's only for the summer, but we do it anyway" as disturbing.

The Urban Dictionary, a source for slang references, defines a fling as a "deliberately short-term sexual relationship between two people. Longer than a one-night stand, not as serious-sounding as 'affair'."

In the music video, the pre-adolescent starlett flirts around with a love interest at a pool party. Everyone in the video appears older than her including brother Jaden who appears as an extra.

MTV Comedian Jamie Lee mocks the song on Twitter, appearing to blame Willow's alleged Scientology upbringing. "That new Willow Smith song is really disturbing. 'It's only for the summer, but we do it anyway.' That's bc she starts Sea Org in the Fall." she tweeted.

Football analyst Randy Cross also tweeted, "YIKES!! 12?"

Comments on YouTube where the video were equally critical. One wrote "This is just pure disgusting. Be a [expletive] 12 year old and stop trying to grow up too fast." Another wrote "Hey Will, ever heard about parenting?"

Child/teen development specialist Dr. Robyn Silverman told Yahoo! Music Willow's song may be a reflection of tween cuture. "Many kids are growing up faster than is appropriate, and perhaps her video is a perfect chance for parents to talk to their children about this," she told the search engine's Music site.

Entertainment news website E! has quoted Will Smith as saying that he and wife Jada do not punish their children but rather exercise a relaxed parenting style that gives their children "as much control over their lives as possible."

Willow's acting parents have encouraged their daugther's singing career since she released her first single, "Whip My Hair" in 2010. She has since followed it up with "Fireball" and "21st Century Girl" in 2011.

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