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Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like if Bible characters spoke Christianese.

Do you know what I think is funny about my generation? We complain about “Christianese”. We make fun of it. We scoff when we hear well-meaning folks pray for “traveling mercies” or describe an event as having “food, fellowship, and fun”. And the whole time we’re turning our nose up at our elders for using this language, we’re inventing our own version of Christianese.

We say things like “relational” and “missional” and “intentional”. We only buy from “social good” companies. We boast about our “experiential worship services” at our “organic churches”.

My point? Simply this:

Christianese will never die. It will only grow and evolve.

You can’t stop it; you can only hope to contain it.

What are your favorite Christianese words and phrases?

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