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Four Steps To Christian Dating

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“Christian dating” can be a very confusing and frustrating process.

The reason it’s so confusing is that there are a bunch of people with a bunch of different opinions about how a Christian should date, and all these people talk REALLY LOUDLY.

There are people who will tell you the types of people you should date.

There are people who will tell you not to date at all.

There are people who will tell you to become Amish because your marriage will be arranged for you. That’s a load off the old shoulders, amiright?!

If you’re a single Christian trying to navigate the dating scene, allow me to add some clarity to an issue that can be quite cloudy due to dogmas and legalism. Here are my (JP’s) Four Steps To Christian Dating:

Step 1: Know where your genitals are AT ALL TIMES.

As Christians, we know where are genitals should be and where they should NOT be. Keep ‘em where they’re supposed to be and you’re golden, my friend. Seriously, this is like 75% of the battle.

Step 2: Don’t read Christian dating books.

I’m sure there are helpful books about dating out there written by and for Christians, but most of them aren’t helpful. They’ll just make you feel like a horrible Christian because you like to go out on dates and steal a smooch or two or ten.

If you’re wondering whether or not your dating habits are healthy, just refer back to Step 1. I’m not kidding when I say that Step 1 is the “anchor” of these steps.

Step 3: Never trust your friends who want to play matchmaker.

Our friends are well-meaning. They want to see us happy. But they don’t always know what we need in regards to relationships. Just because a person is a Christian doesn’t mean that he/she is your soul mate. I’m not suggesting that you turn down blind dates; rather, be cautious. Your friends will be VERY excited about the date they coordinated for you. My rule of thumb is to take their excitement and dial it down about twenty percent. That’s how excited YOU should be.

Step 4: When it comes to online dating websites, you get what you pay for.

There’s a reason reputable dating sites cost a hefty premium. Not only does the cost filter out potential hose bags, but these sites offer background checks and other methods of verification. Security is key because no one wants to get stabbed in the face on a first date. That’s what you get with free sites: a date who looks 40 years older than their profile pic and a Ginsu to the face.

OK, so I guess those aren’t “steps” as much as they are nuggets of wisdom, but you get my drift. I hope this is helpful for you single people out there. And, hey, if none of this works, you can always try being popular.

What’s the best dating advice you’ve ever received?

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