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3/24/13 at 06:18 PM 1 Comments

Chreaster Dads

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Chreaster Dads are an interesting demographic within the church.

These dads only come to church with their families on the two biggest Christian holidays: Christmas and Easter. Hence the term “Chreaster”.

You can see these dads coming from a mile away. They’re never dressed in accordance with the “vibe” of your church: they’re either WAY over-dressed or WAY under-dressed. They follow their wives around sheepishly because they don’t know where anything is. When their wives introduce them to you, they offer you a soft handshake while avoiding direct eye contact. It’s obvious that they feel judged inside the church, which is sad.

That’s why I think it’s important that we do more to engage the Chreaster Dads on Christmas and Easter! We need to show these guys that they’re welcome and that our churches aren’t “weird”! I don’t know if I’d go to the extent that JP wants to go, but I do have a few suggestions:

- Pass out complimentary pillows in case the Chreaster Dads fall asleep during the sermon. You could put the church logo on the pillow so these guys never forget where they got it!

- Encourage the men on your church’s Dream Team to engage the Chreaster Dads in conversations about sports when the Chreasters are left alone in the foyer while their wives are in the bathroom.

- Encourage a loving married couple in your church to be the “ultimate Chreasters”. The husband should bumble about the church awkwardly while his wife tries to direct him where to go. This way the actual Chreaster Dads will feel like, “Hey. At least I’m not as foolishly unaware as THAT guy!”

These are just some thoughts. Take ‘em or leave ‘em. Whatever you do, have a great Easter and enjoy it with your fam!

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