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Left Behind

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 In case you haven’t heard, they’re making another Left Behind movie based on the series of books.

The movie is a franchise reboot and it stars Nicolas Cage as the pilot guy, Chad Michael Murray as Kirk Cameron, and Ashley Tisdale plays a blonde girl. I have little-to-no hope that this movie will be any good, but I have every intention of seeing it. I mean, NICOLAS CAGE is going to be in LEFT BEHIND. This is kind of a must-watch situation. I’m not even waiting for RedBox, people. I’m seeing this in the theater, assuming it gets picked up and has a wide release.

Like a lot of Christians, I’m quite familiar with the Left Behind series. I read the first 4 or 5 books when it was supposed to be a seven-book series. But then they realized they were making tons of money and decided to stretch it out to 14 books at which point I completely bailed. I mean, that’s a lot of book-readin’ and ain’t nobody got time for that. Well, actually, there were a lot of people who had time for it, just not me.

The Left Behind movies are… Let me see… What is the most Christian way to call something a “travesty”? Is it just “travesty”? Because the Left Behind movies are a travesty. Part of me wants to say, “Hey, at least they tried”, but I’ve watched those movies and I have a hard time believing they put in any effort. I mean, have you seen the movie posters? They look like they were designed in PowerPoint. And don’t tell me, “Well, that was just how movie posters/covers were designed back then.” That’s hogwash. You know what movie came out just a year before the first Left Behind movie? THE MATRIX. If there’s anything they should’ve learned it was this: nothing says “cheap and hastily put together” like an ugly serif-font with a gradient.

OK. That’s enough. I’ll go back to my corner.

Are you looking forward to the new Left Behind movie? Do you think it’ll be any good? Why or why not?

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