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Love Does

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I recently finished reading Love Does by Bob Goff, and I'm happy to say it lived up to the hype. It's a very encouraging book and it makes you excited to go above and beyond with your kindness.

That said, I want to tell you guys a few things that Bob Goff does (or has done) that I have no plans of ever doing:

I will not do a fully-clothed cannonball into a lake or pool. Bob Goff does this on a fairly regular basis. It's documented on videos on the web as well as in Donald Miller's "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years". As fun as it sounds, I will not freely participate in this activity. Have you ever walked around in wet clothes? It's the most uncomfortable feeling in the world.

I will not say "yes" if someone asks me to get involved with international politics. Even if I think it's a joke. Bob Goff is the Ugandan consulate, and he accepted the position because he thought it was his buddy prank calling him. LESSON LEARNED: Do not say "yes" to any offers of international responsibility, even if you think it's your pal, Steve, on the other end of the phone.

I will not give you my cell phone number. At the end of Love Does, Bob Goff has published his cell phone number and he encourages people to call him. He says he'll answer if he's not on an airplane . Guys, I will not be giving you my phone number. The only person who has my cell phone number is my wife, and I gave it to her reluctantly.

What's the best book you've read recently?

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