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2/17/14 at 06:44 AM 0 Comments

Smartphone War

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Smartphone debates are dumb. Do you see the irony?

I have friends who get fired up over their favorite smartphone manufacturer and/or OS. They get into heated debates where they throw out numbers regarding processing speeds and resolutions and SDKs. Common arguments are found in statements such as, “My phone is better because the screen is larger” and, “My phone is better because I can alter the look of the OS” and, “My phone is better because it has a kickstand.” In between these statements there’s a lot of “harrumph-ing” and eye-rolling.

Because smartphone debates tend to get REALLY intense, I believe they are the only time when it is OK to use a Jesus Juke. Especially if you are a third-party bystander.

Whenever my buddies start up an intense smartphone debate, I like to interject with, “Hey! Wouldn’t it be awesome if were as passionate about Jesus as we were about our smartphone operating systems?!” And then I walk away quickly before they have a chance to respond. BOOM.

Do you have a smartphone? Do you get caught up in debating the merits of your smartphone compared to other smartphones? If so, why do you do this to your friends and family?

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