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3/3/14 at 07:12 AM 2 Comments

The Journey Ends

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Today is the final episode of Insert Image.

It’s always difficult to put a creative project to bed, and it’s never a decision I take lightly. As creators, however, we’re obligated to constantly evaluate our priorities and our creative goals. Jon Acuff says we have plenty of time to do the things we love, but less time to do the things we like. We prune and we prune, and eventually we’re left with a lot of “loves” and some hard decisions to make. Believe me, ending Insert Image was a hard decision.

Of all the comics I’ve drawn over the years, Insert Image has easily been the most gratifying. The feedback has been fantastic, the audience has continued to grow, and I feel that I’ve grown exponentionally as an artist, writer, web designer, and social media marketer over the past year-and-a-half. There’s a lot that I will take away from this experience and apply to my next creative project(s), and that definitely makes the time spent on Insert Image worthwhile.

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