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The Prayer Warrior

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Prayer warriors look nothing like actual warriors.

So forgive me if I think the term “prayer warrior” is a bit of a misnomer. I’ve met many prayer warriors during my lifetime, and none of them carry swords or wear Viking helmets or sport loin cloths like the Spartans in 300. Pretty disappointing, to say the least.

To prove my point, here are the 3 prayer warriors you’ll actually encounter in the wild:

65-year-old grandma: She’s a sweet woman. She really is. All five-foot-two-inches of her. She wears bifocals and carries a huge purse that contains her large-print Bible, a package of tissues, and a bag of Werther’s Original. When she’s not dressed up for church, she’s sporting a sweatshirt with a picture of her cats on the front. She loves Jesus and she spends much of her day reading her Bible and praying, but a warrior? I think not.

9-year-old girl: This young lady is adorable. She acts older than she really is, and everybody in the church likes to tease her dad about all the boys he’ll have to fend off the front porch in a few years. She’s probably the granddaughter of the 65-year-old grandma who taught her the term “prayer warrior”. She has an innocent love of Jesus and she prays big, bold prayers, but she can barely open the lid on a peanut butter jar let alone carry a 23-pound claymore. Sorry. Not a warrior.

17-year-old boy: OK, here’s the truth and it’s gonna hurt: this kid doesn’t really even pray. He shows up at your church’s youth group every Wednesday and Sunday night because he has a crush on your daughter. He’s learned the “lingo” so he can recite prayers with the best of ‘em, but as soon as your daughter stops batting her eyelashes at him he’ll be gone. He recently wrecked his dad’s car (again) with no repercussions, he’s an average student, and he doesn’t have a job because his parents told him, “There’s plenty of time for that after college.” Not a warrior at all.

Let me be clear: I’m not suggesting that these people aren’t awesome at praying (except for the 17-year-old boy; seriously, you need to keep an eye on that kid), but we need to come up with a title that is more appropriate for who they are and what they do. I realize “person who prays a lot” is kinda long and clunky. What about “fervent prayer sayer”? I’ll give you “fervent”.

OK, I admit that wasn’t much better. Let’s keep the dialogue open.

What is a term that we can use to replace “prayer warrior”?

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