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Youth Leadership Has Its Perks

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Youth leadership definitely has its perks.

In case you need proof, I’ve identified three:

You can dress as schlumpy as you want. I’ve known lots of youth pastors and I can tell you that they always dress one of two ways: really schlumpy and rumpled or hyper trendy. No matter how you choose to dress, people will think it’s your way of fitting in with the kids. No one will peg you as the super lazy slob or the OCD metrosexual you really are! Live it up!

No one expects you to have a plan. This is somewhat true of youth leaders and especially true of youth volunteers. Nine times out of ten, the person planning all the awesome youth group events is the youth pastor’s spouse and/or the church leadership. The youth pastor is too busy playing hacky sack and conducting belch contests to get involved with the actual planning of events. Volunteers have even less pressure. They just show up the day of an event and drive the kids wherever they need to go. Some volunteers put in a little extra effort so they can be the “cool car”, but that’s totally up to the volunteer. They really control their own destiny in this regard.

Play video games as your ministry. Did you know that you can do work for God while playing video games? It’s true. Next time you’re hanging out with the youth, fire up a multiplayer game of Call of Duty and start talking about fears. Or help the tall, skinny kid process a breakup. Or talk to the pimple-faced kid who always wears a WWE shirt about how he needs to respect his parents. Boom. Video games are your ministry. Cue Ray Boltz.

What are some other perks of youth leadership?

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