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Muslim Refugee Debate

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As President Obama contemplates allowing tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, Muslim "refugees" to flood our country a debate has sprung up among Christians as to whether or not we should oppose this influx of people. My position was a resounding, unequivocal "NO!" Then I started seeing people I love and respect using Jesus and His Commandments as a foundation for the position that we should welcome them with open arms to help ease their suffering. Two of my cousins, Tony and Ryan, in particular got me to thinking (bad idea guys!!) and I paused saying to myself, "self, part of growing is to reassess your positions once in a while." And so, here we are. Let me layout part of my thinking on the subject:

First, one must understand that Islam is a hybrid religion-government ideology which is incompatible with both Christianity and the Constitution of the United States. This does NOT mean so called "radical" Islam, it is just plain old Islam based on their sacred texts the Qur'an and the Hadith. Evolving from these we have what is known as Sharia Law. Some of the ideals of Islam that are anathema to Christianity and the Constitution:

1. The goal of Islam is to conquer the world and exterminate or enslave all Jews (People of the Book) and Christians (People of the Way)

2. It is permissible to capture and make sex slaves of women and girls.

3. A Muslim man may take as a "wife" a girl as young as 9 years old. Rape is usually considered the fault of the woman who can be flogged, imprisoned or killed. Under a concept known as zita.

4. ISIS (and other) militants are, not may be but ARE, hidden within the masses of "refugees." Their goal is to carry a military Jihad to America. How many is anyone's guess. Ultra-liberal sources will argue it's a minute fraction while ultra-conservative sources will argue it's the vast majority. The truth lies somewhere in the middle of course.

5. Even the women and children represent a threat to American law and lifestyle. Islam also conquers through Jihad by immigration, it is called Hijra. By becoming a significant segment of a population they can instill the tenets of Sharia Law into that society. As has been proven over the millennium they are nothing if not patient.

There are more but that suffices to lay out some of my concerns bringing in a group of people as "refugees" whose stated goal is the destruction of our country and way of life. Besides, I don't want this to become a 5,000 word treatise.

But then along come my cousins, and others, who remind me of what the Bible has to say on the subject, Old Testament and New. I cannot fault their position at all because I hold the Bible very dear to my heart. Some of the points they made:

1. Foreigners and strangers are to be treated well and to be loved. God reminds the Hebrews that they were strangers in Egypt themselves [Leviticus 19:32-34; Exodus 22:21]

2. Jesus tells us that when we provide for the poor and needy it's as if we do it to Him, failure to do so rejects Him. And that we need to love people who are unlike us. [Matthew 25:33-46; Matthew 5:44-48]

3. We need to remember we can end up just like the people in the flood of refugees and just who it is we may be serving. [Hebrews 13:1-3]

4. We need to emulate Jesus who came to serve mankind even unto death. [Mark 10-45]

I cannot argue with that, but I think we can temper it with wisdom, caution and discernment. The Bible also gives us warnings about the enemies of God and Jesus, and therefore enemies of Christians. There are Biblical tenets for protecting yourself, your family and your friends. About not giving way before an enemy.

1. We cannot and should not give way to an enemy [Proverbs 25:26]

2. We must use judgement, wisdom and discernment to help determine what action is needed at a particular point in history. And just who it is looking for our help. [Ecclesiastes 3:8; Philippians 3:2; John 7:24; 2 Corinthians 11:13-15]

What I just spent all this time and all those words trying to say is that I believe there are ways we can help these poor people as Jesus said, and still keep our borders, our cities and our families as safe as possible. We have to ask ourselves why so many Muslim nations in the Gulf have not taken in a single refugee. Saudi Arabia? Zero. Kuwait? Zip. The UAE? Nada. What we could do is insist these "allies" of ours take in these refugees. These are some of the richest countries in the world and yet they refuse to take in a single fellow Muslim in need. (By the way this makes me more than a little suspicious) We can load up a bunch of C-5 Galaxy cargo planes and cargo ships like the CLCS Globe which can carry 19,000 containers. Consider that, basically 19,000 semi-trucks worth of supplies! People, food, water, medicine, tents, pre-fab buildings (even Quonset Huts like they use for barracks on military bases). To me, this strikes the perfect balance between aiding and helping those in need and providing the protection our nations needs from those who are out to destroy us. I truly, honestly want to know why some people think my Christian Faith is weaker because I want to help them there rather than risk terrorists coming here?

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