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The Nevada Caucuses The Problem Of Donald Trump

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Well, the Nevada Caucuses are over and the results are in and The Donald won with more than 45% of the votes cast. Love him or hate him, unless something drastic happens (perhaps a brokered deal that brings in someone who isn't even running?) Donald Trump will be the GOP Candidate for President of the United States of America in the November General Election. That means the next POTUS will almost assuredly be either Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. God help us all. If we should be asking Him at all. But that's another discussion.

Fox News puts up on their website the results of each Primary with demographic breakdowns. The Nevada page can be found at

Being a stats sort of guy I like looking things like this over to maybe understand a little bit of the why behind the what. Here are some highlights, my blah, blah, blah continues after.

Q: When did you finally decide whom to support in today's caucus?

49% said more than 1 month ago
--Of that 59% voted Trump. Therefore, 28% overall decided to vote Trump long ago and have not changed their minds.

Q: Which best describes your feelings about the way the federal government is working?

I. Enthusiastic or Satisfied 5%

II. Dissatisfied or Angry 95%

--Trump 46%
--Rubio 24%
--Cruz 22%

Q: Which ONE of these four candidate qualities mattered most in deciding whom to support today? (CHECK ONLY ONE)

I. Can win in November 24%

--50% in this category answered Rubio
--33% answered Trump

II. Shares my values 30%

--Cruz 42%
--Rubio 24%
--Trump 20%

III. Tells it like it is 20%

--85% Trump!!

IV. Can bring needed change 24%

--Trump 59%
--Cruz 17%
--Rubio 15%

Q: On most political matters, do you consider yourself:

I. Liberal 2% (Remember this was a Republican Caucus)

II. Moderate 14%

--Tump 55%
--Rubio 27%
--Cruz 7% *****

III. Conservative 84%

--Trump 44%
--Rubio 24%
--Cruz 24%

Q: To which age group do you belong? [simplified]

I. 17-44 years

--Trump 38%
--Rubio 27%
--Cruz 24%

II. 45+ years

--Trump 49%
--Rubio 23%
--Cruz 21%

//Blah, blah, blah continues//

So, what conclusions do I draw from the data that are provided by Fox News? First, the whole idea of spending hundreds of millions of dollars on blitz advertising right before the Primary in each State might not be the best move. Almost half the Caucus goers in Nevada had decided more than 30 days ago who they were going to vote for. And a large majority decided on Trump. So, maybe slow and steady wins the [Presidential] race after all, in part. And in part maybe people are tuning out all the attack ads and negative rhetoric. Cruz, Rubio, Jeb Bush, et al are playing right into Trump's hands. Instead of promoting their agendas they keep trying to vilify Trump. And by extension his supporters. Now, if you feel you have already made an "informed decision" an picked "your man" are you likely to listen to a person who continually berate him and you? Of course not, you tune them out.

Secondly, the American people are angry. No, we are PISSED OFF! We are tired of the garbage that has been forced down our throats by Obama (and whomever his puppeteers may be) and this poll demonstrates that very well. But not only are we angry with Obama and his ilk we are angry with the Bushes, the Clintons and all the rest who are all really after the same thing. Their own positions of power and influence, not governing America in a way that strengthens the people and allows us to prosper. So, The Donald comes along with a name as well known to us as any of the career politicians and their Families and scratches the itchy ears of the American populous. Naturally droves of people are gravitating towards him.

Lastly, and this one may sting, apparently the Republican voters are being emotional ninnies and not responsible citizens. A clear majority, at least an overwhelming plurality, of Republican voters (at least in Nevada) believe Marco Rubio can beat Clinton or Sanders in November. Not so Mr. Trump. Yet when we focus down to the pet peeves each individual segment is overwhelmingly pro-Trump. What that tells me is that voters are focusing on "their" issue be it immigration, the economy or the military and hoping Trump can solve their issue to their satisfaction and forget the rest. Yet, when the question turns to the wider canvas of kicking the Donkeys out of the White House, perhaps taking the individual voter away from his or her bubble of choice, and the decision swings CLEARLY to Rubio. What does that say about we, the people? Quite a bit I'd say.

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