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Whether we want to admit it or not, there is little doubt we have entered God's final phase for His Earth. Call it the End Times, the End of Days or the Latter Days, the clock has started winding down. Stop and look around, an honest examination will show that the events of the day are aligning with Scripture like never before. Whether one looks at examples [this is not a comprehensive list by any stretch of the imagination] natural phenomenon like the Solar activity, the increased number and strength of earthquakes or the fairly sudden onslaught of "Superstorms" like Sandy; or the actions of mankind like the wars raging around the world, or society fracturing along lines of judgement and morality [LGBT vs straight, black vs white, Islam vs Christianity/Judaism, socialists vs conservatives, etc., etc.] events are lining up with Scriptural End Times Prophecy like never before. {Let me insert my regular caveat here, while the End Times clock is ticking, neither myself nor any other being in the Universe but the Father knows the appointed time [Matthew 24:36; Mark 13:32]. It could be tomorrow, a decade from now or 477 years from next Thursday.} So what's a human to do? Glad you asked....

One day it will happen. Either God will create His New Earth and New Jerusalem or we will die. I know this can be a hard concept, but we all will die eventually (unless there is another Elijah amongst us) . And each and every one of us will stand before the Judgement Seat and give an accounting to God:

Romans 14:11-12 New King James Version (NKJV)

11 For it is written:

 “As I live, says the Lord,

Every knee shall bow to Me,

And every tongue shall confess to God.”

12 So then each of us shall give account of himself to God.

 2 Corinthians 5:10 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

10 for we must all appear before the Messiah’s court of judgment, where everyone will receive the good or bad consequences of what he did while he was in the body.

It will happen. One day we will each stand before God and be Judged. Alone. By. Our. Self. At that time God will decide if we are to be counted among the sheep and spend eternity in Heaven or if we will be counted among the goats and spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. At that time it will be too late to change our fate, we must show ourselves worthy in this life to determine our fate in Eternal Life. I want to share a few ideas that might just help all of us to spend Forever with Jesus.


While corporate Worship at Church is of extreme importance (and as someone who has had to forego that for years I'm here to tell you how tough this path is without that connection) along with hearing your Pastor's messages and small group Bible study we must study and interpret Scripture for ourselves. Look at those passages from Romans 14 and 2 Corinthians 5 again and understand it is an individual mandate. John Doe will stand by himself and Jane Smith will give her personal accounting. We won't be able to say "But Pastor said..." or "Well, our denomination believed..." Not going to work, we stand on our own.


 Understand this quite clearly:

Satan wants you in the Pit with him and he has sent many of his minions out into the world to undermine your relationship with Jesus!

 The Bible repeatedly warns of false teachers and false prophets targeting believers in an effort to separate us from God. Let me be very clear here, those false teachers don't have to lead you down the road to witchcraft or animal sacrifice as two examples of many. If they can infiltrate and get someone to buy into their lie and disbelieve the Word of God, convince that person that just one aspect of God's Holy Bible means something other than what it says, that person has been lost. These tools of the Deceiver can, have and are infesting our Churches in the pulpit and throughout the hierarchies. I don't mean to say that every Pastor or every denomination is one of the Devil's tools, not by a long shot. Just that we need to be aware that they are out there and that they can be hard to detect. Jesus Himself gave us warning:

Matthew 7:15 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

“Beware of the false prophets! They come to you wearing sheep’s clothing, [emphasis added] but underneath they are hungry wolves!

The false teachers and prophets will look like us, sound like us and act like us. At least on the surface. But they will make doctrinal "errors" that will stand out like a lighthouse on a dark and stormy night. The only chance we have of spotting it is knowing the Word for ourselves.


One of the most important, if not THE most important, commands Jesus gave was the Great Commission. Go out into the world and spread His Word and His Gospel [Matthew 28:18-20]. How can we expect to be faithful to that command if we don't know for ourselves what is in His Word?

In one of Paul's letter to Timothy we are told what the Bible is to be used for in this role.

2 Timothy 4:2 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

2 proclaim the Word! Be on hand with it whether the time seems right or not. Convict, censure and exhort with unfailing patience and with teaching.

To my mind this order is a two pronged edict [a pincer move if you will] when we recall when this was written and who Timothy would be dealing with. In the time period of those early days after Christ's Resurrection Timothy (and the other disciples) would be talking to people who have already come to Christ, that is the early Churches. But he would also be talking to lifelong Jews who didn't yet understand and/or believe that Jesus was the long sought after Messiah. Not only did Timothy have to teach the unbeliever about Jesus, he would also have to contend with false teachers and false prophets that had infested the Temple. Timothy had to be very well versed in the Scriptures (remember they were working from what we know as the Old Testament) and the just unveiled Gospel of the Christ Jesus. If we are to fulfill the Great Commission can we be any less prepared? I'd argue we just might have a more difficult task in a way. People of the 1st century A.D. couldn't kick back in their recliners, flip on the TV and be inundated with so many false teachings.


 This really isn't a game, this is about our real and true "Forever Homes." Your knowledge of the Bible, your own PERSONAL knowledge of the Bible not what someone else tells you, will decide where you (and maybe your children or Bob from down the street) will spend the rest of forever. In Heaven where you are in the Eternal Presence of God, Eternal Joy, no more pain nor any more tears [Revelation 21:4] or in Hell where the flames burn, the sulfur assails you day and night and where there is no rest but rather continual torture [Revelation 14:11; Revelation 21:8; Matthew 13:41-42].

Read the Bible every day. Get on a reading plan that leads you through the Bible front to back throughout the year. Get a Bible that is broken into daily readings, I use one that follows a roughly chronological order as to when events took place. It's very interesting when you can read the Prophets intermingled with events as they happened. Instead of going back and forth you can read the Prophets' words in the context of the events taking place. Do devotionals. Find access to "The New Strong's Concordance of the Bible" and read for yourself the meaning of the root Hebrew or Greek words that people with agendas will try to bend or twist into something that fits their narrative.

Remember, there will be a personal accounting. YOU will stand before God and be Judged. Alone. And it will be your knowledge of the Bible, and yours alone, and how you applied that knowledge in your life that will decide your fate.

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