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5 Toxic Habits You Should Drop Now

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You know that whole fuss about making lifestyle changes? Did it seem like just another social media hullabaloo? Well, it isn’t. Given the number of lifestyle diseases on the meteoric rise, it is understandable that the collective attention of the masses needs to be turned towards refining their respective lifestyles.
Here’s the catch though – an unhealthy lifestyle isn’t just the curse of the overweight person. They plague even the seemingly thin populace (ever heard of skinny fat?).

Adopting a healthy lifestyle, however, is not impossible. Here are some simple, actionable ways you can improve the quality of your life.

1. So long, sugar!

That toxic, one-sided love affair you have with sugar is, in all likelihood, sabotaging your health more than you realize. There is enough alarming research to suggest that a normal individual has way too much sugar on a daily basis. Don’t believe us? Watch documentaries like Fed Up to get a sense of how significantly problematic sugar can be.

Giving up sugar doesn’t just require willpower. It needs the right information and a willingness to experiment in order to figure out which weaning method is right for you. Some people find it beneficial to quit sugar cold turkey while others prefer to taper off their daily consumption. Whatever your preferred method, one thing is for certain – that sweet poison has got to go!

2. Stop stocking processed food
Food that comes out of packets may feel like the biggest boon to mankind in a lot of ways. After all, it saves time and effort. What it won’t save, however, are your mysteriously burgeoning medical bills. The impact is not immediately discernible but it takes the form of quietly creeping excess fat, slowly increasing cholesterol levels, higher blood pressure levels and many other such worrisome indicators of poor health.
While organic food has made a major appearance at departmental store isles, many people shy away from eating healthy claiming increase in expenses. Designing a meal plan with natural food doesn’t have to cost you a ton. Just eat local, eat fresh and make sure you eat homemade food (yes, it’d be a good idea to learn to cook). The change from this simple intervention can be quite dramatic.

3. Nicotine no-no
Addiction to nicotine unravels many a commitment to health. It’s not uncommon to see people grunting and pushing themselves to the brink at the gym and then lighting up once they step out. The irony is baffling to say the very least. Nicotine has horrific effects on an individual’s health. There’s no ambiguity in the fact that nicotine must not feature in the lives of those who wish to enjoy good health.
Here again, there are multiple ways to get rid of the habit. Quitting cold turkey, using nicotine-replacement therapies, and nicotine-free vaping are a few options.

4. Move
Human beings were designed to be on the move. Current lifestyle demands, however, have us laboring at our desks all day, taking any possibility of activity right out of the equation. Inactivity that builds up over week, months and years takes its toll on the body. The human body is an incredible machine that needs to be maintained. Just like your new SUV, it needs to be given the proper love and care.
The easiest way to start incorporating activity into our sedentary lifestyles is by moving around every 30 minutes or so. Really, it’s that simple! You can gradually add walks and workouts to the mix. What’s more, it can be a fun way to de-stress – think group sports, group classes at the gym, trekking, hiking, going for a swim and more. Some people even offer to walk their friends’ pooches just to have an excuse to stay active!

5. Sleep sweet
One of the stupidest beliefs held by our generation is that sleep is for the unambitious. We glorify stories of industry leaders who sleep “only 2 hours a day” and are raring to go. Apply the automobile instance mentioned above. If you constantly ripped your vehicle past its capabilities on a regular basis, how long do you think it would last? In the same vein, if you overwork yourself to “keep up”, do you really think you’ll even finish the race?
Lack of sleep affects metabolism, cognition, emotional stability and tanks your productivity (that magical unicorn that everyone seems to be constantly pursuing). If you want to be at your best, make sure you get enough rest. While adequate sleep is subjective, foregoing it entirely is just plain dumb.

The suggestions made are not difficult by any stretch of imagination. Make your wellbeing a priority. It will power your efforts to build the life you desire.

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