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Gaming with Granny [Infographic]

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Let's be honest, senior citizens have a lot of time on their hands, and unfortunately many of them are cooped up inside for most of the day with not much to do. So what's something unexpected they could do to pass the time? Online gaming. Yes, that's right. More and more senior citizens are joining the online gaming community. Crazy right? And you thought they didn't know how to use the computer.

In fact, online gaming has many benefits for the elderly. Keeping their mind sharp and socialzing are just a few. But, just like everyone else, they can easily become addicted to these games. It's important for them to play moderately and not for long periods of time because it can have harmful physical effects on their already fragile bodies.

Check out this inforgraphic presented by Assisted Living Today to learn more about the rise of senior online gamers.

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