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Posted 9/21/12 at 2:31 PM | Brian Wallace

Which Are The Most Social Colleges? [Infographic]

How many social media outlets do you use? Our society has an ever expanding love of using social media to connect to other people and to have easy access to information. This media revolution has sparked many colleges and universities to utilize these tools to connect not only with their students and alumni, but also with people across the world.

This infographic presented by TopCollegesOnline shows us which colleges are the most social and which ones may need to tweet more frequently.

Posted 9/21/12 at 10:19 AM | Brian Wallace

The Science of Beer Goggles [Infographic]

So you have a couple drinks, and throughout the night that person that you originally never thought was attractive all of the sudden peaks your interest and you wonder what's going on. Well, my friend, those are what we like to call beer goggles. This infographic presented by takes a look at the science behind those sneaky little goggles. Check it out below to learn more.

Posted 9/20/12 at 4:00 PM | Brian Wallace

Your Dirty Habits Make Me Sick [Infographic]

Did you know that 16% of cell phones have poop on them? Gross, I know. And 72% of workers admit coming to work while sick, which spreads diseases. These are just a few dirty habits that people have. Check out this infographic presented by ionSwipes to learn more.

Posted 9/19/12 at 4:38 PM | Brian Wallace

Baconomy: the Art of Bacon Barter [infographic]

In today's society, people are consumed with money and getting what they want, when they want it. But what if all of your money was taken away? What if you had to travel across the U.S. with no cash or credit cards and the only form of currency you had was something ridiculous like... bacon? Well, that is exactly what comedian Josh Sankey is doing. With nothing but a truck and a refrigerated trailer full of bacon, Sankey is traveling from New York to L.A. bartering bacon for everything from housing to tattoos to an American flag to beer.

If he comes to your town in the name of bacon (curiously spelled O-S-C-A-R), what would you barter for a brick and a place in baconomy history?

Check out the infographic below presented by to learn more.

Posted 9/14/12 at 1:57 PM | Brian Wallace

It's Alive! The Social Media Monster [Infographic]

Social media can be a big distraction, especially when it comes to work. How much of a distraction you ask? Well, according to a study conducted by Microsoft, there are on average, four interruptions per hour. Not to mention, over 40% of disrupted tasks were not immediatley resumed.

This can be a big problem for businesses. In fact, many businesses have banned the use of social media sites during work hours.

Check out this infographic presented by RedeApp to learn more about the social media monster.

Posted 9/13/12 at 2:35 PM | Brian Wallace

You Are Not Special, But Your Purchases Are [Infographic]

Someone else is keeping track of your purchases besides you. That's right, retailers are keeping track of customers purchases and creating customer profiles to create a better marketing strategy.

Is this creepy? Maybe, but there's not much you can do about it. Check out this infographic presented by Camcode to learn more.

Posted 9/7/12 at 2:20 PM | Brian Wallace

The Two Income Trap [Infographic]

When you compare now to the1950s there is no question of which time was much simpler. The 1950s were the time for family, and the father usually worked while the mother stayed at home and tended to the children. Well, times have changed. Now it's rare to find stay at home mothers, and everything is much more expensive.

This infographic presented by illustrates how times have changed.

Posted 9/6/12 at 9:58 AM | Brian Wallace

Graphic Design is Good for Business [Infographic]

Graphic design is always evolving and growing. The business is booming, and every business should use graphic design as a tool.

One of the most important parts of a successful business is their online website, especially if they are an online business and graphic design is a huge part of that.

Check out this infographic presented by Invision to learn more about why graphic design is good for business.

Posted 9/4/12 at 3:41 PM | Brian Wallace

The Luxurious Guide to Mailing Your Family [Infographic]

Have you ever wanted to mail your family? Probably not, but if you DID want to, hypothetically, this infographic presented by shows you how.

Posted 8/30/12 at 2:40 PM | Brian Wallace

The Problem with Projects [Infographic]

There is nothing worse than starting a project and never seeing the end of it. Unfortantely, this happens way too often in the business world.

In fact, 88% of projects are past deadline, over budget, or both. That's a pretty high percentage. So what's the solution to this problem? Get a Project Management Professional or PMP.

Check out the infographic below presented by Villanova University to learn more.

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