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Cars of the Future

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What’s the future of cars? Although flying cars are not being planned for a while, the cars of 2014 are designed with futuristic ideas that make driving easy. The 2014 Hybrid models will supersede all other models in both fuel efficiency and features.

Two 2014 Hybrid models that stand out are the Honda Fit and the Nissan Altima. The 2014 Honda Fit is completely redesigned to get optimal fuel efficiency. This future car is rated at 85.6 miles a gallon, 38% better fuel efficiency than before. The Nissan Altima has a supercharged four-cylinder engine and implements Lithium-ion battery packs, as well as drivetrain options.

Engineers and designers are constantly working to improve existing vehicle functions, as well as to create new functions that will make driving safer. Some of the features being tested include gaze control, self-driving, accident avoidance, and an app center. Gaze control would allow the driver to adjust the volume of the radio or change the temperature of the car with simply a look, making it the ultimate hands-free device.

Self-driving and accident avoidance are also features that could be seen in the future. Although some cars already include blind spot alerts, the self-driving mode would serve to actually drive the car, while the accident avoidance feature could actually apply the brakes to avoid an accident. A car app center would give the driver and passengers the freedom to download desired apps for a fun car trip.

Cars of the Future

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