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ARAM Characters Barak and Irad Part II

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Some people change for the good while others go from bad to worse and that is exactly what happens with the charcter of Irad in the story ARAM. Irad is the lucky fellow; smart, funny, attractive, always had the right thing to say at the right time and everyone likes him. And because they like him - they make the horrible mistake of trusting him. I won't go into too much detail about Irad because I don't want to ruin the suprise but knowing that Irad isn't exactly who he makes himself out to be is hardly a shock. He is, as we suspect from the beginning, a bit of a chimera.

But isn't that the way of real life? We are horrified but not totally surprised when someone we know (or their kids) end up in deep trouble because the signs were often there before hand though perhaps veiled for a time. The definition of insanity is said to be when a person does the same stupid thing over and over again expecting a different result. And yet we hold on to behavior that takes us into bad places, we cling to relationships which depress us and we refuse the saving grace of something bigger than ourselves because it is better to have "control" rather than to offer it up to a mysterious reality which we can neither fully define nor manipulate.

Irad becomes his own god. His craziness works for him - no matter how destructive it gets. In today's world we seem to have a disconnect between our thoughts and actions and the rea-life end result. We live in a world were we can eat as much fat free, calorie free food we want and not see ill effects (at least not for a long time). We can live as if pleasure alone is our guide and it seems to make us rather happy (at least for awhile). We can forget completely that we were made by God so that we can come to know, to love and to serve Him, and yet He doen't strike us down (at least not yet).

"Consequences" seem strangely distant and ethereal from our real-world and so we do not bother to think in the long term or even to think logically. Right and wrong become mere moralistic terms which can be defined by anyone with a voice. And so our stories, our music and our movies reflect this chaos. But chaos does mess things up in the long run. Reality has a way of taking care of itself - eventually. And moralistic as this may sound - God does exist and He will judge the whole human race (In His own time).

Irad never learned any lessons that we know of for the end took him out of the reader's sight and sometimes this happens to real people too. But scary as it sounds the way we live now does change the world and will change our destiny. God knows.

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