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Conversation Questions

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When Aram discovered that his people were being mercilessly attacked by a deadly foe he could neither identify or control he began to run – taking his people into new lands which brought them into contact not just with new beauty, but with new cultures which would change their lives forever. And so it is with us at times. We find ourselves forced to deal with trials and fears that push us beyond our boundaries and take us into new territory. When we try to journey alone on our own strength we often find ourselves lost and confused in the darkness of discontent, sometimes full of remorse for what we have done in fear and panic. But when we embrace a power which goes beyond our natural strength and we admit that there is more to the created world than our mere eyes can see, we come into contact with a great source of strength and wisdom. In the story ARAM, Aram does not know who God might be. He is only dimly aware of the fact that there is a providential reality which seems to guide and assist him. We come to terms with that same charity when we open our minds and our hearts to our Creator. We have a lot more assistance than Aram had in the sense that our generation has a long history of God’s revelation to humanity to consider – but even still - the leap of faith is just as great. We must face our fears, we must come to terms with our limits and we must embrace Someone who is beyond our control.

ARAM is just a story but the struggle is our own. We must come to terms with the reality of our existence and the fact that we, and all we love, will one day die. What happens next? Where will we go? What happens to our loved ones? Are questions we can put off for days or years but eventually the questions must be answered…by ourselves or others. Perhaps we won’t know all the answers but by asking the questions we begin the conversation….

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