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Do We Live In A Literary Challenged Society? Part 1

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I am a wife, a home-maker, a homeschooling mother of eight children and an author and  I am probably not alone when I surmise that we live in troubled times.  Over the years I have had the pleasure and honor of introducing my children to some of the greatest literature that the world has to offer.  As a family we have read works from The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame to Shakespear's Hamlet and we have had a wonderful time discussing and growing not only in our knowledge of great writing but also in an understanding of the human mind and soul - for great literature touches the soul in a profound way - either it lifts us up through understanding, compassion and conviction or it can, tragically lead souls into dark and terifying teritory where despair reigns. 

After years of being introduced to the current trends in modern fiction through books that were being given or lent to my children I have come to the conclusion that our children are being fed a reality which is not necessarily real and I decided that in order to be a part of the solution I needed to act on my convictions.  I believe that good fiction can be both exciting and realistic but still enlighten and transform a soul from humanistic survival to supernatural striving for our greatest good - a relationship with the God who made us.

Thus I began writing formally several years ago.  My first book was a reflection on The Lord of the Rings for I would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see the influence this enormous work of literature was having on the hearts and minds of youth all around me.  When delving into the history of The Lord of the Rings I discovered that Tolkien was a man of firm and deep convictions and that he had in fact helped to convert C. S. Lewis to Chistianity.  By a fortuitous opportunity my family and I was actually able to see many of his original writings and drawings in a collection at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI.  I was also able to pick up a biography of his life and learn many interesting facts about him and his life. Thus my first published work - The Road Goes Ever On A Chrisitan Journey Through The Lord of the Rings is a reflection on the monumental literature which he bestowed on the world and the convictions and insights which informed his beliefs.  I also take an intense look at the virtues which make the heroic characters like Sam, Aragorn and Frodo so attractive and the vices which lead to the down fall of the villainous characters such as Sauruman, Gollum, and Wormtongue.  I then hold up these virtues and vices to our own modern world to view them through the perspective of our personal lives.

What we read, what we put into our minds, and what we allow our children to feed upon - literarily speaking - can either nourish us or poison us.  I will write another time about schools and what they can and sometimes do offer our children and how we can help direct our children to their greatest good - a life of valiant hope and enduring faith in God.

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