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Evangelization and New Media

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For those wanting to connect with the larger Christian, specifically Catholic, world there are some exciting new developments. I will just introduce them since I am just finding about these new sites and opportunities and – like you I am on a journey – learning more each day.

First of all there is a new publishing company dedicated especially for the support of new Catholic fiction called Tuscany Press. They even have a contest out for those who are interested in trying out their skills and perhaps have their work considered for publication. For more information just go to –

Also there is a writers group in Saint Louis called Catholic Writers of St. Louis run by Denise Y. Montgomery. She has an active blog and holds frequent writers meetings. On Saturday,July 27th she had a reporter in from the St. Louis Review to feature the Catholic Writers of St. Louis in their paper. For more information on Denice and her group e-mail her at:

There is also an active blog site dedicated to spreading the word of God through modern technology – Brandon Vogt is a Catholic blogger, writer and speaker. He is the author of a new book called The Church and the New Media. He brings a lot of new ideas to the forefront. For more info on him see;

I just recently learned about SQPN which is another new media outpost dedicated to faithful evangelization and outreach. Its full name is Star Quest Production Network and they are creating engaging media that serves the Church, evangelizing the world and forming authentic community. They are out of Georgia, USA and the Netherlands. For more information just go to or

Finally there is a big conference being held at the Arlington, Convention Center in Arlington,Texas this year from August 29-31st which will combine the resources of The Catholic Writers Guild, Catholic New Media and the Catholic Marketing Network Trade Show. See for more information.

I hope this information will be useful to someone who is looking for active, attractive, informative sites to re-energize people about the best news around – God lives in the world today.-

“In the world you shall have distress: but have confidence, I have overcome the world.” – Jesus the Christ -John 16:33

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