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Faith in God vs Faith in Man

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Everyone believes in something or someone though too often we refuse to take a good hard look at what we are dumping into our faith basket. I have been keeping half an eye on all the media reflections concerning who would make a a better President of the United States; Barak Obama or Mitt Romney and I cannot help but reflect back on one of our best presidents; George Washington. It helps me to understand the situation when I compare our present goals and beliefs to that which George Washington held some 200 years ago.

George Washington was hardly naive when it came to the reality of human nature. He was reluctant to accept the office of the presidency because of that very knowledge; his own imperfections and the reality of human weakness in all people. It is not just what one hopes for - in terms of good intentions that counts. He understood the whole miraculous factor of the larger spiritual world in which we live. I might say the whole spiritual battle we must endure. To eliminate the spiritual aspect of governing a nation is to miss perhaps the greatest factor in success or failure. Let’s take a look at who George Washington was - he was a man who not only recognized the spiritual elements of earthly life, but he embraced the assistance of a Universal God who would guide and protect him and this nation in the mission in which all Americans hoped to fulfil a lofty ideal - namely to help launch a nation “to our liberty and independence upon a lasting foundation,” (George Washington 1778) and he illuminated his support system when he said “my fervent supplications to the Supreme Ruler of the Universe and Sovereign Arbiter of Nations, that his Providential care may still be extended to the United States: that the virtue and happiness of the People, may be preserved; and that the Government, which they have instituted, for the protection of their liberties, may be perpetual.” Thus George Washington recognized not only the need for God’s help but also – you’ll note – that we needed to be a VIRTUOUS nation.

As I look at all the present issues swirling around the debate floor; from the economy to foreign affairs, I must think first that what we need most is a man who lives a moral life in tune with the precepts of God’s law and aware of the absolute necessity of personal virtue. I cannot believe that a man who supports the whole sale slaughter of God’s created innocents through abortion, calling it merely a woman’s choice, can be in tune with the sovereignty of God. To put a woman, a doctor, or any other human being before the right of God to create any soul He pleases (under any circumstances He pleases) is to thwart the very order and understanding between God and humanity. It also shows a complete lack of trust in the nature of God’s goodness – that God will provide and protect His own if we but respond to Him. By provide and protect I do not mean that God gives us what we want – so much as what we need for our eternal salvation. Remember God thinks big!

There are many issues that illuminate the virtues or vices of men but in my mind abortion hits the core issue on the head. Who gets to be God? And who is willing to subordinate his will to the virtuous life – not demanding the bread and circuses of continued government care but rather the nation building sovereignty of Americans taking responsibility for their own lives, their own troubles and living their enduring struggles with bravery, faith, hope and charity. I do not look to the government to fix me or my problems. I do not look to the government to be assist me in identifying my faith or my virtues. I look to the government to protect my right to discover these things for myself.

May we be wise when we choose the next president of the United States for a man who has already made it clear that his moral view is evolving…that his allegiance is with a woman’s choice rather than the innocent’s right to life…that he supports a new definition of marriage (which as my Mom used to say when your mind is too open the wind tends to blow right through)…thus marriage is stripped of all meaning - cannot truly support the virtues of a Godly people. We shall be known by our fruit. Have we checked the government’s fruit basket lately? Lord, help us be wise.

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