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Ishtar's Redemption - Trial by Fire - Available on Amazon

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Ishtar is exiled, wandering alone over rocky hills up into imposing mountains and down through a winding pass into a new land as dry and barren as he feels. A gentle patriarch named Matalah helps him to face his greatest tormentor so that he can return home reconciled to his friends and rescue his sons before it is too late. Barak, Obed and Eoban leave the safety of their own homes to go on an uncertain quest to find Ishtar only to encounter a strange stone city filled with mystery and danger.

New friendships are forged and old friendships are strained to the breaking point as faithfulness and endurance is tested to the limits. Can these friends overcome their mistakes, refuse alluring temptations, accept unacceptable loss and still become reconciled to both themselves and each other? Find out in the newest Deliverance Trilogy adventure of Ishtar’s Redemption.

Ishtar’s Redemption is a gripping story of exile and reconciliation. From lush grasslands to barren deserts Ishtar encounters evil from within and without. Can a man cursed by his own father leave his torments behind and help a kindly desert nomad who is being persecuted by his own sons? Learn how Ishtar and his friends face their past, their future and their own personal mistakes as they forge a new destiny embracing a hope that lives beyond their present sight. Ishtar’s Redemption is an adventure from start to finish in a world of shadow and light.

Available within 24 hours on Amazon. Free Promotional days - next week Friday - Saturday for ARAM and Tuesday - Saturday for Ishtar's Redemption - Trial by Fire.

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