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Unmasking the Devil's Winning Strategy - Spiritual Sloth Part IV

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Most people I know are very busy. As a matter of fact most people I know including myself are a little too busy! But yet we live in a society that is nearly at war with itself. I guess being busy does not bring peace or connectedness. I would suggest that the problem with our society in conflict with itself has a lot to do with the fact that we are so busy. We are busy with stuff and activities but not with the deeper matters of family, friendships, and spiritual realities. We are so busy that we figure we can take care of the personal stuff later. The problem with this attitude is that when left to itself the personal stuff will take care of itself - we will be left with the stuff and nothing personal.

My family is working hard in the garden during this time of the year and every year we go through the same routine. We start out full of energy and ideas - lots of good intentions but then the days get full, the sun gets hot, the weeds become quite tenacious and we find ourselves losing steam and interest. But if we let up too soon we find the garden is completely taken over by weeds and even if we do fight back again later on the fruit will be less because of the neglect earlier in the season.

And so it is with families and friendships. It is hard to stay true when things get hot, painful and difficult but it is during those very trying times that the worst of the relationship-weeds are fought back and in later years you may see the fruit of your love. Kids grow up to respect and admire parents who never gave up on them. Sincere long lasting friendships repay generosity in thousands of ways. Brothers and sisters laugh and tease like no one else can over the foibles of youth and there are no memories so cherished as those of a brother or sister who was there when...

Marraige, parenthood, friendship are very much like this year's garden. They will need to be tended and weeds will have to be fought off. When it seems too hard remember the harvest and do not give in for God knows what it is like and He will help those who ask....for He understands better than anyone what it is to wait and hope....Don't be too busy for your family or friends and most of all don't be too busy for Him who loved us first.

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