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The Deliverance Trilogy

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The Deliverance Trilogy is a set of three stories taking the reader into the long ago past to a far away place where people had to face life with only a dim view of the one true God. What they did know was just framentary glimpses from stories dating back into their ancient past. What goodness they had inside themselves they had to fight for in conflict with a pagan world which saw that "might made right" and any weakness what so ever was a source of shame. Faith, hope and charity were considered abnormalities which some men struggled to come to terms with against all sorts of impossible odds. But God lived then and there as He does here and now and he never refuses an honest, searching heart.

These stories are fictional of course but they deal with the same human struggles many people endure today in a world which does not believe in the supernatural reality of God and demons...other than in relation to fairy tales to entertain or frighten. G.K. Chesterton said in his book Orthodoxy that "Fairyland is nothing but the sunny country of common sense."

Well, I invite you to such a fairyland of long ago...and far away....

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