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Unmasking the Devil's Winning Strategy - Gluttony

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Gluttony is fun. Actually pretty much all sin is fun. Opps - Sin? One must believe that something can actuaslly be wrong to be a sin and if it feels good it can't be wrong - can it? The definition of sin is something that offends God. Now since God is so big and so great surely nothing we do can ever really hurt Him? Oh - except that bit about the scourging, crowning of thorns, and nailing to a cross. But otherwise - really - God is above all pain and He can't hurt anymore. Right? Have you ever seriously loved someone? Have you ever been rejected and forgotten?

So what does that have to do with gluttony? Gluttony is basically where we take more than our fair share and we hurt everyone in the process. Gluttony is a complete lack of self-discipline. There are a lot of ways of being gluttonous and they are not all about food though food is a primary example.

When I lived and worked in the Philippines for Peace Corps I saw people who lived on the edge of starvation at times. I saw kids who were malnourished. I saw that for many people food is not a recreation, it is simply what they need to live. And I changed my attitude about food forever. I eat to live, not live to eat. But more than that I live now for a greater purpose than my own enjoyment for that is a rather empty goal.

When we forget that God is real, that He loves us and that He waits for us to remember Him, to love Him back, we forget our greatest good. When we make pleasure like food a big part of our day we tend to put God to the side and by necessity we tend to put all those uncomfortable thoughts about poor people, starving kids, and other unpleasantness out of our mind also. It is rather hard to really enjoy a succulant hamburger with fries and a cold soda when we have the picture of a starving mother and child embedded in our minds. It was Jacob Marley in The Christmas Carol who told selfish old Scrooge that "Mankind is our business" when he warned him that one day there would come a reckoning - a justice which had yet to be administered.

If we put God to the side, and put suffering humanity to the side, and eat, drink and be merry so that we can enjoy ourselves to the utmost - don't we ever wonder - if at some point those who suffered so much, who were forgotten, who have been unloved when they ought to have been loved, will get their fair share? Do we really think that God has blessed us and forgotten them?

Gluttony is the sin of selfishness where pleasure becomes our God. If our goal is to become something better than a selfish sinner then we must remember that God lives and He cares about all his suffering children. We must practice some self discipline so as to share what we have and care about others as much as we care about ourselves. Maybe even a little bit more.

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