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Unmasking the Devil's Winning Strategy Part V - I Have A Right...

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I have a right....

I hear this expression a lot lately and it makes me wonder what we really mean and where this thinking will take us. I recently read a quote from John Paul II who said somethig to the effect that "freedom does not mean the right to do what we want but the freedom to do what is right". I had to think about that. I am still thinking about that. Who decides what is right? I have been reading The Scarlet Pimpernel which is set during the French Revolution andit clearly shows how, when the authority of the day was discarded and God was thrown out, then it was simply a matter of a few individuals who decided who should live and who should die. Actually that is the case in any revolution where all higher authority is thrown away. Now, one could argue that the leaders of the French Revolution believed in their own propaganda of "freedom and brotherhood" but the fact was that a great many men, women and children were slaughtered for no other crime than not being a member of the deciding group.

I look around at our beautiful and generally prosperous country and I think about the frog who was put in a pot of water. A frog likes water so he will sit quietly and complacently even when the pot is put over a fire and the water is heated up ever so slowly - because if it is done gradually enough he won't notice - he'll just fall alseep and get cooked without a struggle.

I look around at our families who no longer know our family histories because we don't have the time to tell them or because the knowledge has already been lost to us a generation or more ago. I wonder if, when we are worrying about our rights, are we also worrying about what is right. It has been noted recently that this generation can hold two opposing thoughts as true all at the same time and not mind the contradition. This country came into being because of a revolution but not a revolution from good and God but a revolution toward goodness and God. People wanted to be free to worship God. People wanted to be free to know what was right through education - history and family wisdom.

I feel sad in a way because I fear we are losing our children to entertaining distractions with no will or desire to know wisdom, knowledge or truth. I fear there will come a day when we will feel rather warm and sleepy because we didn't notice the danger we were in and we will sit complacently by while someone takes our rights away from us. There is always that time before "too late". Time passes for us all and this generation will have to account for the treasures we have been given and the treasures we lost. I pray we are not too late to remember that there is wisdom, truth and goodness and they come from God.

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