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Unmasking the Devil's Winning Strategy Part III LUST

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Lust is natural - right? Well actually lust is considered a sin though in this culture we are encouraged to be as lustful as we want, as often as we want, with as few consequences as possible. The reason that lust was condemned historically is for one major reason - lust turns people into objects for personal satisfaction - not too terribly unlike what the devil does with us.

When we allow our daughters to dress so as to show as much skin as possbile, revealing as many curves and enticing aspects of their body as the human body possibly can reveal, we are allowing them to set themselves up as tools of temptation. This is good for neither our daughters nor our sons. Our daughters become lust-objects to our sons and brothers and, dare I say, any male in the room with eyes to see! Oh I know - men are just supposed to close their eyes! Or are they supposed to see but not really think? Or not really feel? Or just not respond? Hmmmm... Doesn't sound very rational to me but oh well! I have seen girls as young as seven or eight dressed with mini-skirts and sleeveless outfits in CHURCH balancing on high heels with painted nails and colored eye make-up for the purpose - I can only surmise - to catch as many eyes as possible! Can I ask a silly question here? Why? What is the grand purpose of trying to catch everyone's attention?

We say we value chastity and purity and nobility and honor but then we send our girls to school, to church, to the store and everywhere dressed so as to advertise their ability not to think, not to work, not to do terrific art (except on their bodies) not to care deeply but rather as objects to be lusted after. I hardly think we need to keep covered from head to toe - but a balance here might be considered.

How about dressing so that people can still exercise a bit of imagination? It might help if parents talked about the virtues of modesty and purity and even better if we lived them ourselves. Just a thought. Lust may all around us and it might prove a real challenge to find other styles of dressing but then again - . who knows but treating ourselves and our children like cherished souls to be protected from being treated as obejcts might have surprisingly rich rewards. It might even be a relief to the men in our lives.

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