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10 Natural Remedies Everyone Should Know

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Everything we’ve ever needed for health and happiness has been provided. We have an incredible planet with natural plants and properties that will support us for our entire lives. If we know how to make the most out of foods, spices, plants, herbs, oils, and other natural components, we’ll be prepared for whatever life throws our way.

We often rely on the expertise of others to put together ointments and medication for our health, but there’s plenty we can do for ourselves. There are dozens of natural home remedies for the most common illnesses.

1. Sunburns

Everyone knows the pain of spending too much time in the sun. A mild sunburn is red, painful, and itchy, and a more severe burn can make you sick to your stomach with intolerable pain. To speed the recovery and staunch the resulting symptoms, externally apply any of these natural remedies:

• Chilled cucumber slices
• Plain yogurt
• Aloe Vera gel
• Witch hazel
• Oatmeal bath
• Mint
• Vinegar

2. Menstrual Cramps

Men will never understand the pain, sickness, and discomfort that overcomes a woman at the beginning of her cycle. Menstrual cramps are brutal, and most women don’t know how to alleviate the discomfort. A heating pad can help, but any of the following remedies taken internally can work wonders the next time you have cramps:

• Water mixed with the juice of 2-3 lemons
• Ginger caplets
• Ginger herbal tea
• Fish oil and vitamin B1

3. Dry Skin

If you live in a dry climate or you suffer from eczema, dry skin can be like a plague. You can get rashes, experience constant itching, develop cracked skin, and age faster. Different genetic and external factors can accelerate dry skin as well.

Applying healing lotion only goes so far. If you want to see lasting results in skin hydration, try any of the following:

• Olive oil mixed with brown sugar
• Milk cream
• Milk
• Honey
• Yogurt
• Coconut oil
• Sea salt exfoliation
• Oatmeal

4. Puffy, Dark, or Sagging Eyes

Cartoon characters at the spa always have cucumbers on their eyes during their beauty treatment. It’s something of a joke in pop culture, but chilled cucumber slices are actually very useful for eye inflammation.

If you experience under eye irritation from lack of sleep, stress, illness, or crying, there are a few key ways to cure it using ingredients you probably have on hand:

• Tomato paste
• Almond oil
• Rose water
• Tea bags
• Egg whites
• Ice water
• Aloe Vera gel

5. Constipation

If you’re suffering from constipation, it’s not usually something you share with the class. But you can’t ignore the tight knot in your stomach as your body works unsuccessfully to digest food.

A popular over-the-counter treatment for constipation is insoluble fiber, but it doesn’t always work. Adding key foods to your diet acts as a natural laxative. Try these options:

• Prunes or prune juice
• Cooked beets
• Extra water
• Olive oil mixed with lemon juice
• Molasses
• Flaxseed oil mixed with orange juice
• Pure aloe gel or juice

6. Sore Throat

If you’re suffering from a serious illness like strep throat, you need prescription antibiotics. But if your sore throat is the product of the common cold, laryngitis, bronchitis, allergies, or another mild illness, there’s quite a bit you can do for the symptoms. These natural solutions will do the trick:

• Honey
• Ginger juice mixed with honey
• Turmeric and salt gargle
• Basil water (2-3 basil leaves boiled in water)
• Chamomile tea
• Peppermint
• Apple cider vinegar

7. Nausea

It’s difficult to achieve any kind of rest when you feel sick to your stomach. Whether you’ve caught a flu bug or you’re dealing with morning sickness, relief from the constant nausea is essential to your physical and mental health. Try any of these fresh ingredients:

• Ginger caplets or tea
• Toast soaked in milk
• Fresh lemon
• Peppermint essential oils
• Cool compress
• Frozen fruit

8. Heartburn

Heartburn can be genetic, but it’s most often triggered by foods like soda, fried foods, high-fat beef, and other heavy foods that trigger acid reflux. When the discomfort is over the top and antacid tablets don’t work, try any of these homemade options:

• Apples
• Baking soda in water
• Aloe juice
• Vinegar mixed with water
• Banana
• Gingerroot tea
• Mustard
• Almonds
• Chamomile tea

9. Headache

Ibuprofen and aspirin are great in a pinch, but consuming too much can cause stomach ulcers. If you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines, you need a safer, healthier way to mitigate the pain, like these internal treats:

• Nuts
• Crushed cayenne
• Fish oil
• Watermelon juice
• Gingerroot
• Peppermint oil
• Butterbur
• Water

10. Cough

Coughing is not only painful and uncomfortable, but it can also be a huge disruption. Cough syrups have a terrible taste, and they’re often filled with chemicals you don’t want to take often. When your cough is difficult to control, here are some natural suppressants:

• Tulsi juice, garlic juice, and honey
• Dates and milk
• Honey and ginger juice
• Mustard seeds and water
• Lemon juice and water gargle
• Salt and water gargle
• Ginger tea
• Honey and lemon

Now that you know these natural remedies for common illnesses and conditions, you can handle virtually anything without a hasty trip to the grocery store. This bag of tricks offers healthy, non-toxic solutions to your most common health issues.

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