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5 Ways to Be Healthier When You Work in an Office

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Working in an office can have its pleasant sides, especially if you are doing something you enjoy and like the people you work with. However, office work doesn’t generally present the best conditions for optimal health, thanks to the long periods spent sitting down looking at visual displays, being close to lots of other people (and their germs), and the lack of exercise during the day. If you are an office worker, adopting strategies to keep yourself healthy can not only improve your general wellbeing but also make you feel more motivated and productive – improving your performance as well as how you feel. Here are five ways to be healthier when you spend most of your working week in an office:

1. Take Regular Breaks

Taking breaks is very important when you use a computer monitor, but you do need to ensure you take them away from your PC. The important thing is to rest your eyes, and so browsing the web for five minutes every hour doesn’t achieve this. Get up and walk somewhere, even if it is just to the drinks machine or a colleague’s work area.

2. Stay Hydrated

Most people don’t drink enough water, and at the office it can be easy to slip into only ever drinking coffee, which actually dehydrates you more. Forget those tiny cups of water from the office water cooler – fill up a two litre bottle with water and keep it on your desk, aiming to drink the whole thing by the end of the day. Being even slightly dehydrated affects your mental performance, and drinking plenty of water will help you stay on top form.

3. Don’t Go In If You Are Sick

In the office you are always in close proximity to other people, and so if you force yourself to turn up for work when you have a contagious illness, even if it is just a cold, it will quickly spread around. If you are well enough to work but are concerned you have something contagious, then arrange to work from home instead.

4. Disinfect

Because not everybody follows the above advice and many people do still attend work when they have viruses or contagious infections, it is a good idea to be careful about germs. An easy way to do this is to keep some anti-bacterial hand disinfectant on your desk and use it regularly. Make sure that you also disinfect regularly used office supplies.

5. Keep Topped Up with Vitamins and Minerals

Another way to help avoid catching viruses that may be floating around the office is to keep your immune system healthy. Taking vitamin and mineral supplements and also making sure you have a healthy diet are the easiest ways to support your immune system, and probiotic yoghurts or tablets are also very helpful in this respect.

Of course, while these tips can help, it is also important to remember that only part of your day is spent at work, and to live healthily and get exercise when you are not working.

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