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12/5/14 at 08:21 AM 10 Comments

Black Lives Matter - Taking A Stand

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My heart cries for humanity. I have experienced as a white, Conservative, Christian woman that I am expected to understand the injustice of civil disobedience and defiant crimes against authority. However, all I seem to understand is the intense pain and screams from my heart for the Black community and the crimes committed against them. I am so afraid to say the wrong thing publicly for fear of being attacked for my opinions. Today I face that fear with LOVE to say that I STAND WITH YOU! #BlackLivesMatter

I do not fully understand the impact of all that is happening in our country. There are many Whites who understand and are very interested in educating me. Social media has exploded and Blacks are also very interested in teaching me. What I really can't stand is that we are even saying Blacks and Whites. After being raised racist, I have spent many years learning NOT to notice skin color, have grown to love my black brothers and sisters and now everyone is being labeled again. I am so confused and unsure of what is right anymore.

Today I decided to TAKE A STAND for what I feel in my heart. God is my guide. He is my Lord. HE is my Love. My head may not understand but my heart says to STAND WITH BLACKS. Lord hear my prayers.
(Please know that I do not agree with VIOLENCE, I do not agree with burning cars and businesses and vandalization, but more than that I DO NOT AGREE WITH KILLING MEN BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK.)

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