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Content With What I Have

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Social media had opened the door very wide allowing people to compare lives. It's not a new idea, that's for sure, but it has been made 1000 times easier via images on the Internet. It's something inside of us that desires a connection to something greater than ourselves.

I recently witnessed a person gain great pleasure and self satisfaction when he discovered that a famous musician was using the same guitar that he currently owns. It seemed to elevate his self esteem as pride swelled within him. In a moment he achieved greatness by association.

I have been thinking about that for weeks and realized that many of us do the same thing in all aspects of life. We feel accomplished if we prepare the same meals as great chefs, if we drive the same cars as celebrities, if we wear the latest fashion trends and then see it featured on a program it gives us an internal boost, it validates our worth.

 I created a board on Pinterest entitled "Content With What I Have" as I came to some conclusions to this reality. You see Pinterest is just a bunch of pictures and you pin the ones that you like to your own collections as you would if you ripped them out of magazines and made a dream collage. I soon learned a little bit about myself by noticing trends in my collections.

When I realized that my own life contained just about everything that I was collecting on Pinterest, REALITY hit me: I am living my dream collage! So I went around the house and took pictures of things that I have seen on Pinterest that I already have and WOW what a feeling. I have a new found association with my very own stuff. Why? Because other people consider these types of things worthy to be desired and I have them!

It's not enough though is it? For many people being content with what they already have is just not enough. Many of us want the newest version or the more efficient model. Many want theirs to be even better than last year or the last timethey went. We keep trying to one-up ourselves in order to achieve that rush of association to greatness.

I have decided recently to accept who I am and be content with what I have. I don't want something greater, you know why? Everything I have and all that I am is nothing when compared to the Lord Jesus Christ. He is above all things and His glory cannot be outshined! His love is measureless and his mercies endure forever. All that I have is from Him and I am grateful.

Even if others look to my life and see things that are less than wonderful, I am content knowing that this life is a gift and all that is in it is for me to praise the Lord.

I love this newly found appreciation I have for my earthly possessions but even more than that I love my God for all that He is and more!

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