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How A Twitter Prayer Request Led To A Miracle

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I witnessed a miracle!

Friday night while writing Christmas cards, my mom appeared to have a stroke. We called 911 and she went immediately to the ER. The doctors in the emergency room reported she had all the signs of suffering a massive stroke and proceeded with the protocol to treat it. In those dark moments we were asked some pretty tough questions about whether to resuscitate her should her heart stop. This question alone seems like an easy one to answer, the answer should be YES. We knew however, that Mom didn't want to be kept alive artificially and in the harsh reality of this moment, those decisions are excruciating to make. We said yes.

As the doctors proceeded with her treatment, I sent out an urgent prayer request on Twitter. I didn't tag anyone or use a hash-tag, I just hurried up to post a prayer request in case anyone should see it and pray for her. Sitting in the waiting room thinking about all the possibilities that could happen and all of the decisions we would have to make, the moment grew much darker. The pain became unbearable just thinking that we might have to make a decision to NOT support my mom's life via machines.

With my smart phone in hand, I went to Twitter to see if anyone had seen my prayer request and to my surprise not only had someone seen it, a couple of people had picked up the request and re-Tweeted it to their followers. From there it began circulating the globe. I was getting notifications from people all over the world, strangers who were willing to pray for my mom and for our family. As I read the comments from these people, my heart became full of awe and wonder. Strangers sending words of encouragement to me and offering up prayers to God for His hand in this situation, my mom's life.

"Where two or more gather in My name, there I am with them" Matthew 18:20

In my darkest hours God was with me. He poured out His love through strangers around the world and it gave me Hope. More than anything, it gave me assurance that whatever happened I knew without a doubt that it was God's will.

Twelve hours later my mom had an MRI that showed NO SIGNS OF A STROKE and within a few hours after that she began to wake up. Within twenty four hours she was breathing on her own and talking and even said "don't ever count me out." She was back! She was herself!

Praise the LORD!

I returned to Twitter to tweet an update and so began the rejoicing around the world. God heard and answered our prayers! So many people were encouraged by this quick change of circumstances. It was a miracle and we witnessed it.

What would I have done without Twitter? What if I did not have a smart phone? Yes, I would have called people and they would have prayed. Actually, I did call people and my Pastor did come to the hospital and pray over my mom. His dear wife, my friend, came also and comforted me. I received tremendous support from a friend whom I met on Twitter and through phone calls she was able to hold my hand and walk me through the difficulties. I know that I have other friends and family who would have been there in a minute had I needed them. However, in this modern age of social media and WiFi, I was able to post a prayer request online and within minutes it circulated the globe. That is astounding to me! During the dark hours, waiting for answers, it was very encouraging to get those notifications on Twitter.

Today is Tuesday and my mom is doing much better. She is still in the ICU as they are monitoring other issues they have discovered. She is walking, talking, eating and quite the chatterbox. She remembers writing cards and remembers all kinds of random facts from the news over the last years. In my opinion she is completely herself. I thank God for helping her and for encouraging me during those difficult times.

I hope that if you find yourself in a situation where you feel alone, remember that God hears your prayers and if you have access to a phone, call someone. If you have social media, reach out for prayer. I did and look what happened. God heard and answered and brought us all back to the light.

The doctor told my mom she would be able to go home on Christmas morning. Imagine that. A real Christmas miracle!

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