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Imagine God Working Through A Presidential Candidate?

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BOOK REVIEW: American Anthem: What happens when Somebody unexpected takes an interest in the Presidential Election By Jim Kape

I appreciate the vulnerability Jim Kape gives his characters in this revealing story illustrating how faith in God works in politics. Creatively gleaning truths from both American history and Biblical history, he crafts a scenario so close to our current reality that we can actually see how the hand of God would work if we called upon Him. To some it may seem far fetched and ridiculous but to those who believe and trust in a living God, a God who actively hears and answers prayers, this story gives hope to the believer. A Presidential candidtate who upholds his faith while running for office and lives by example of what it means to love others as God loves us is truly a remarkable concept in politics. This candidate showed Christlike character and was unafraid to extend love to a person typically shunned by Christians. It would do our country good if people would take the time to read this book. As one who believes in this God, the Lord Jesus Christ, I am more motivated to pray for those in the political office and for the people of our nation to grab hold of faith. With less than 200 pages it is well worth your time to READ IT. See if God will give you something new to think about.

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