Joy on the Narrow Road
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Love While There's Still Time

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"I tell you, if they remain silent, the rocks will cry out" Luke 19:40

Even the stones praise God

There's a fire burning in me that won't go out. I'm not talking about acid indigestion, I'm talking about a Holy Spirit fire. It's a passion to live like Jesus did... as I see it.

I see a man who sought the will of God in a very personal way. He didn't ask others what he should do, he just did it. Even as a boy, Jesus was found in the temple courtyard with the teachers. He didn't understand why his family was looking for him.

John the Baptist didn't understand why Jesus wanted to be baptized. He didn't explain he simply said "baptize me."

There are many other examples of Jesus going against popular opinion. He ate with people they thought he shouldn't, talked with women who thought he shouldn't, he went places they thought he shouldn't. Yet Jesus did according to what he thought was right because he was doing the will of God.

Jesus didn't give an account of his walk with God, he was a living example. I look to him and seek to follow his lead.

Still, I feel like an outcast everywhere I go. In church I feel isolated because I have interests outside the church. In the world I feel like an outcast because I have a deep desire for Jesus and speak as such. In both situations I get a silent reply when I speak and no one to share my heart's delight. To that I say "though none go with me, still I will follow."

Oh I hear the outrage from here! I can hear each one of you pleading your case of how you support everything I do. That is not my point. I know I am loved. I know I am welcomed. I know I am encouraged and by some I am admired for my faith. There is a much bigger concept here. It is a world vs. church concept and I am not the only one talking about it.

The world has exploded with assaults against the church. There is so much outrage against organized religion that it makes people throw up a hand and stop you from uttering a word if you are "one of those." The world is eager to show you the err in your ways and in your thinking and quick to tell you that they don't need your God.

The church is is equally as judgmental and sharp in their opinions about what is acceptable in order to get into Heaven. "The scriptures say..." and that is all they need to win the battle. Quoting scripture at every mention of a contrary way living other than according to what they believe. I see this work, online, with people in conversations. And when I bring an issue to the foreground and hold one of these people accountable the answer always falls in the gray area... left to interpretation.

Why am I talking about all of this?

Because I am sick of the disrespect and lack of love for people.


He reached out to the sinners of the world. He went to them. He loved them. He pointed them to God. He lived what LOVE IS.

I am trying to do the same. I see both sides of the issue. I see so much more than I care to speak of. I don't want to sit here and point fingers, there's enough of that going on. What has my heart twisted and in pain is the hurting people of the world. The weak and suffering need God. They need a savior, though they say they don't. So many have been hurt by the church or the people who claim to be Christians. So many have been broken by life. So many children need guidance and love, yet not many can even stand toe to toe with the youth of today.

I am involved with those soldiers of Christ who are on a mission to reach the lost. I am actively involved in the mission field in hopes to do God's will, for he says the end hasn't happened because more will be saved. More will also die but I'm clinging to the fact that more will be saved. So while there is still time.... I am a vessel of love and light to the lost. If I am following your lead that's because I see your light is brighter than mine and I am encouraged by you.

The world will laugh at the church. The church will not step foot in the world for fear of not making it into Heaven. I say "what would Jesus do?' I believe he would get his feet dirty by walking out into the world to reach out his hand to save a lost soul.

When your heart is set on God and you're walking with Jesus, there are no questions to whether you are doing it wrong or right. I have no questions. I am on a mission. I know who I believe in and I know he is able to work his will through me. Here I am Lord, use me.

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