Joy on the Narrow Road

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Posted 12/5/14 at 8:21 AM | Lori Minutoli

Black Lives Matter - Taking A Stand

My heart cries for humanity. I have experienced as a white, Conservative, Christian woman that I am expected to understand the injustice of civil disobedience and defiant crimes against authority. However, all I seem to understand is the intense pain and screams from my heart for the Black community and the crimes committed against them. I am so afraid to say the wrong thing publicly for fear of being attacked for my opinions. Today I face that fear with LOVE to say that I STAND WITH YOU! #BlackLivesMatter

I do not fully understand the impact of all that is happening in our country. There are many Whites who understand and are very interested in educating me. Social media has exploded and Blacks are also very interested in teaching me. What I really can't stand is that we are even saying Blacks and Whites. After being raised racist, I have spent many years learning NOT to notice skin color, have grown to love my black brothers and sisters and now everyone is being labeled again. I am so confused and unsure of what is right anymore. FULL POST

Posted 11/29/14 at 1:06 PM | Lori Minutoli

Imagine God Working Through A Presidential Candidate?

BOOK REVIEW: American Anthem: What happens when Somebody unexpected takes an interest in the Presidential Election By Jim Kape

I appreciate the vulnerability Jim Kape gives his characters in this revealing story illustrating how faith in God works in politics. Creatively gleaning truths from both American history and Biblical history, he crafts a scenario so close to our current reality that we can actually see how the hand of God would work if we called upon Him. To some it may seem far fetched and ridiculous but to those who believe and trust in a living God, a God who actively hears and answers prayers, this story gives hope to the believer. A Presidential candidtate who upholds his faith while running for office and lives by example of what it means to love others as God loves us is truly a remarkable concept in politics. This candidate showed Christlike character and was unafraid to extend love to a person typically shunned by Christians. It would do our country good if people would take the time to read this book. As one who believes in this God, the Lord Jesus Christ, I am more motivated to pray for those in the political office and for the people of our nation to grab hold of faith. With less than 200 pages it is well worth your time to READ IT. See if God will give you something new to think about. FULL POST

Posted 11/13/14 at 2:46 PM | Lori Minutoli

Jesus Is My Joy In Everything

This is my praise post! I am in such awe of God right now more than I have ever been in my life, except for the day I met Jesus and He forgave all my sins. Today feels like I am in the best possible dream I could ever imagine, but it is my real life. I am so filled with joy and excitement that I must share.

You want to know what got me up this wonderful mountain top? Setting my eyes on Jesus! That's all it took. Instead of looking at my living conditions, my earthly relationships, my checkbook register, or the missing hub caps on my 17 year old car, I simply look to Jesus. Some of you are probably wondering how can I do that since He is invisible as a spiritual being. I am happy to tell you how I see Him.

I see Jesus with my heart. I know He is there because I invited Him to live there. He said "I stand at the door and knock..." and I let him in. He is the same Jesus that was in heaven with God before the creation of the world. He is the same Jesus that came to earth as a child born to a virgin. He is the same Jesus that brought the dead to life and healed the sick. The same Jesus that took my place on the cross, who bore my sins at Calvary, so that I might live with Him forever. All of these descriptions of Jesus can be found in scripture or on the bible study tab of my website. The three in One: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, is the same yesterday, today and forever. That God, that Jesus is the One who lives in my heart. FULL POST

Posted 10/27/14 at 1:08 PM | Lori Minutoli

Delightfully Living in Contentment

Do you live and learn or do you think you are wise enough to just live as you are? Do you delight in your life?

I keep waiting for the day I will be done learning life's lessons. At least in my mind I imagine it will be a less dramatic life. However, for today I'm revisiting the topic of contentment with new insights.

Last year I came to understand a bit about contentment and wrote about it (here.) Recently, I saw with my own eyes how easy it was to desire something simply by spending too much time focused on it (here.) I mention these two previous posts because this one deals with the same thing but takes it a step further. Clearly the eye is the window to the soul. Whether you let in light or darkness, depends on how much discipline you have. FULL POST

Posted 10/22/14 at 3:04 PM | Lori Minutoli

Content With What I Have

Social media had opened the door very wide allowing people to compare lives. It's not a new idea, that's for sure, but it has been made 1000 times easier via images on the Internet. It's something inside of us that desires a connection to something greater than ourselves.

I recently witnessed a person gain great pleasure and self satisfaction when he discovered that a famous musician was using the same guitar that he currently owns. It seemed to elevate his self esteem as pride swelled within him. In a moment he achieved greatness by association.

I have been thinking about that for weeks and realized that many of us do the same thing in all aspects of life. We feel accomplished if we prepare the same meals as great chefs, if we drive the same cars as celebrities, if we wear the latest fashion trends and then see it featured on a program it gives us an internal boost, it validates our worth.

 I created a board on Pinterest entitled "Content With What I Have" as I came to some conclusions to this reality. You see Pinterest is just a bunch of pictures and you pin the ones that you like to your own collections as you would if you ripped them out of magazines and made a dream collage. I soon learned a little bit about myself by noticing trends in my collections. FULL POST

Posted 10/17/14 at 2:33 AM | Lori Minutoli

God Is A Jealous God- Trust Me, I Know!

When you invite Jesus into your heart, you better make sure there is room for Him. If not or if you build up monuments to others instead of Him, be warned, He will come in to destroy the temple of idols. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

"But rather, you are to tear down their altars and smash their sacred pillars and cut down their Asherim-- for you shall not worship any other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God--" Exodus 34:14,15

That is exactly what He did in my heart yesterday and it was not fun. The day after I posted the blog about God flipping a switch in me and sending me home to be a blessing to my family, He also decided to clean house in my heart. I didn't realize how big of a monument I had built to one certain musician but when it started tumbling and crashing I sure felt it's weight. I admit that I fought God on this one because I had prayed from the moment I heard him sing until this very moment. I have been asking God why for 9 months, why was I drawn to him, why did it matter, why did I care? All I knew was that his singing made me happy. FULL POST

Posted 10/16/14 at 1:07 PM | Lori Minutoli

He Flipped A Switch In Me And Sent Me On A New Mission

Living "in Christ" takes practice or discipline as Christians call it. One day at a time is all we are required to live. So we only need to give our best effort for one day, then repeat.

I've been dealing with many issues in my marriage and family for several months now. I partially moved out of my home back in August. For two months I have been alone in a small dwelling with only God, His Word, music and coffee! I've grown very attached to the solitude. I discovered things about myself during the time there, mostly what makes me happy. Last week everything shifted leaving me with very little options. The only workable one was to return home. Uncertainty was my shadow that day. I was terribly sad as I went to work thinking about my family who have not changed since I left and seemed to have adapted without me. Make note: I did not want to go back home to the same misery I left.

In life, I try to wait upon God in all things. I think about Him and talk to Him constantly. God and I are best friends. Because of this relationship, I know how to listen for His voice, call it a feeling or a nudging, but I know when He is speaking to me. This particular day while at work, more discouraging news was plopped on top of what I already was dealing with. Then to make things even worse, I broke a vase while cleaning a clients house. I had no strength left after all of these blows and I just fell apart and cried most of the time I worked. Yet through all of this, I did get that feeling and a full assurance of what I needed to do. I knew for sure that I needed to move back home. There was no doubt whatsoever. It didn't mean I was happy about it, I certainly was not. I simply knew that I needed to go and do something that I did not want to do. By God's grace alone was this even possible. FULL POST

Posted 10/1/14 at 12:03 PM | Lori Minutoli

The Defining Moment Between Attraction and Sexual Sin

"And it came to pass in the evening that David arose from his bed and walked upon the roof of the king's palace: and from the roof he saw a woman bathing and the woman was very beautiful." 2 Samuel 11:2

Human attraction is biblical, meaning it's in the bible. King David woke up in the night and walked out onto the roof of his house without any intentions of committing adultery nor murder for the sake of his attraction to Bathsheba. Yet, as he walked upon that roof (in complete innocence for a moment), he saw her and thought she was beautiful to look at. I am guessing that she thought it was a safe time to be bathing without being seen since it was in the night time. My point is that I don't believe Bathsheba was intentionally trying to seduce David. Even so, upon seeing her bathing, the bible records that David thought she was very beautiful to look at. The fact that this is written in the scriptures amazes me.

I don't need the bible to tell me that human attraction is normal but it does comfort me to know that God has things to say on this subject. FULL POST

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