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What I Learned from Dee-1

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We’re all motivated by love on some level, whether we’re passionate about good things or evil things the love of it moves us to action. It’s the love of nature that guides me to make conscious decisions about how I care for it. It’s the love of stories that keeps me reading books and the love of God that keeps me focused in all areas of my life. I have a deep appreciation and love for people who choose to do the right thing and who realize that they have a purpose in life. David Augustine, also known as Dee-1, is an example of a person with this type of integrity for God.

Dee-1 is my favorite hip-hop rapper. Not that I listen to rap music on the daily nor that I even understand much of the hip-hop culture, lyrics or movement, but as far as Dee -1 is concerned I am a genuine supporter and I’m here to tell you why. It’s all about his purpose- to bring glory and honor to God with his music. In fulfilling his purpose, he created the Mission Vision Movement which is a mind-set or a lifestyle that keeps God number one, encourages individuals to use their God-given talents to make a better existence for people and includes the three fingers up expression to symbolize #1 Be Real, #2 Be Righteous, #3 Be Relevant. Think about those three for a minute.

Dee-1’s music is a declaration of his personal truths, his integrity, and his faith. His music ministers to people where they’re at; even someone like me can connect with his lyrics because they ultimately have to do with trusting God. He breaks it down to a human level, a real gritty level. You just have to listen to hear that he is speaking the truth about life. One of my favorite verses in a song of his says “The devil don’t take a day off, so I can’t either, pick a side ‘cause we’re fighting in a spiritual war, and grab your heater, I got mine, and it don’t shoot bullets it jot lines.” (Only God Can Judge Me) As a writer this verse impacted me with a strong reminder that my pen (filled with the truth of God) is my weapon against spiritual warfare. I must use it to fulfill God’s purpose in my life.

Two other songs deeply move me: I’m Not Perfect (I’m a Christian) and One Man Army. Both of these songs deal with the everyday struggles of living your purpose. When I listen to these songs I am motivated to press on through everything because “God’s got me.”

So why am I writing about all of this? Because Dee-1 taught me something, opened my eyes and inspired me. He recognizes my support, calls me a fervent fan, says I’m trill, and gave me the honor of being called his “Northeast region mom” because of my “motherly presence” at his concerts and on social media. He accepts me as I am, respects me as I am, and appreciates me as I am, even though I am not a typical listener of hip-hop music. He has shown me the love of God in a way that inspires me to do likewise. I am a member of his street team, the Mission Vision Posse or MVP’s. Like I said earlier, I am unfamiliar with hip-hop but real recognizes real and that is what we have here. I support him on his journey because I believe God is using him to change lives. I buy his music, learn his songs, go to his shows, and tell people about him- all because I want to for no other reason than I believe it is God moving me to do so. It feels right.

Remember I started off by saying that we are all motivated by love. Well it’s because I love the purpose driven mission behind the man at the mic that has me promoting Dee-1. He has just released a FREE mix-tape called Sling Shot David and will be soon headlining a nationwide tour in September. His album will be released soon after that. I would like to encourage you to check out Dee1music on all of your social media sites, Google him, follow him, and listen to his songs on YouTube. I believe you will be blessed simply by getting to know the man, David Augustine, and you will discover a boatload of truths in the music of Dee-1.

One of the things he opened my eyes to is what true fans are. I am no celebrity but I did publish a book recently. I only published the book because when I was writing the stories online everyone told me they wanted it as a book. I gave it a shot, made a few mistakes in editing and formatting, but put it out there on Amazon and Kindle anyway; told all of my “fans” that the book was done and guess what? They didn’t buy it. But everyone is talking about it. I saw it on Facebook; I saw a string of comments about how great it was that I wrote a book. I got some “congratulations” in email and text messages, but no sales. Excuse me, a handful of people did in fact buy the book the day it was released. Those are my real fans. Those are my true supporters and I love them. If any of you are reading this, I sincerely thank you for supporting me.

You see, I get it now. I get why I matter to Dee-1. I get why he works so hard to live his purpose. He said it in his new song “I don’t prostitute my soul for dollar bills.” He isn’t in it for the money. He has a purpose and he’s doing what he loves. That is my inspiration! I will keep writing and keep publishing but I will no longer do it for the fans. I will do it for God and to fulfill His plan in my life. I love God more than I love anything on earth. He is my motivation to write. I know my purpose and I too have Mission Vision. Any questions- Google it- it’s all “Googleable” as Dee-1 said in a recent Facebook Live video.

Be Real

Be Righteous

Be Relevant

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