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Posted 10/31/14 at 9:50 AM | Children's Bible Hour


Photo: Pixabay - Public Domain

Raelyn reached for a bowl of nuts. She took a pecan and placed it between the jaws of a nutcracker. "Mom, in Bible club today, we had a lesson on hell," she said in a troubled voice. "It scared me. What if I go there when I die?"

"Hell is a scary place," agreed Mom. "God created it for the devil and his angels. People who refuse to accept Jesus as Savior will join them there."

Raelyn's brother Andy spoke up. "But if you ask Jesus to forgive you and you trust Him to wash your sins away, you'll go to heaven instead."

"I've asked Jesus to be my Savior," Raelyn said slowly, "but I still worry about hell sometimes," She held the pecan carefully as she squeezed the nutcracker. But the nut slipped away, and the jaws of the nutcracker closed on her finger. "Ouch!" she wailed. She tossed the nutcracker into the bowl.

"I don't want to crack nuts anymore," Raelyn decided after nursing the finger for a few minutes. "That hurt!" FULL POST

Posted 10/30/14 at 10:25 AM | Children's Bible Hour

All the Same

Photo: Pixabay - Public Domain

"Dad!" Brock ran into the kitchen. "Tell Chloe not to put the little animals in the Noah's Ark until the big ones are in. That's how I do it. They fit better that way. Why can't she do things like I do?"

"Because I'm different," argued Chloe, following her brother. "You're always telling me how I should play games or put puzzles together or color or . . . or do whatever I'm doing. You think everybody has to do things your way!"

"There's more than one good way to do most things, Brock," said Dad as he continued setting the table. "Now go tell your mom that supper is ready." Brock scowled and went to get his mother.

After prayer, Dad watched as Brock put various foods on his plate. "Brock, should I put all that in the blender for you?" asked Dad.

Brock looked puzzled. "In the blender? Why?" he asked.

"The grains of rice, the chicken, and the carrots and lettuce not only look different, they all taste different too. If I put them in the blender, everything will come out looking and tasting the same," Dad explained. FULL POST

Posted 10/29/14 at 9:27 AM | Children's Bible Hour

Smart Move

Photo: Flickr/Steve Snodgrass - Creative Commons

"Got caught peeking during a spelling test, didn't you?" Peter accused his sister Abby as they played checkers in the family room. "I heard the kids in your class talking about it." Peter leaned back in his chair. "Your move."

"Yeah," Abby admitted. She studied the board game. "I'll never do that again," she added as she moved a black checker.

"Gotcha!" Peter yelled triumphantly. "Your bad move gives me three pieces."

Abby looked up as her mother and little sister Cindi came into the room. "Which color are you, Abby?" asked Cindi.

"Red. Can't you tell?" Abby teased as she moved a black checker.

"Are not," protested Cindi. "You moved a black piece." Abby and Peter grinned.

"It's easy for Cindi to see which side you're really on in spite of what you said," commented Mom. "She just had to see your moves." She paused for a moment, then added, "Your friend Jasmine was watching your moves today, too." FULL POST

Posted 10/28/14 at 8:56 AM | Children's Bible Hour

A Daniel-Christian

Photo: Flickr/Daniel Lobo - Creative Commons

"Hola, Katy!" As Katy climbed into her neighbor's car after school, she smiled at hearing the friendly greeting.

"Hi, Mrs. Castillo," Katy replied. Then she added a little anxiously, "How did the surgery on Mom's arm go?"

"The surgery, it go very well," Mrs. Castillo answered with a smile, "and your mama is resting at home now. But you need to give her much help for the next few days because her arm still be sore."

Katy nodded. "I'll help her all I can," she agreed.

"Good, good,"said Mrs. Castillo. "How did school go today?"

"Oh . . . okay, I guess." Katy sighed, sounding somewhat unhappy.

"It's not a good day?" asked Mrs. Castillo.

"Not really. Dawn, one of my classmates, won't quit teasing me," said Katy.

"Tee sing?" Mrs. Castillo murmured uncertainly. "What is tee sing?" FULL POST

Posted 10/27/14 at 9:52 AM | Children's Bible Hour

Ready or Not

Photo: Flickr/Michael

Max's family was talking about church during devotion time. "My lesson in Bible class was about Jesus coming to earth again," Max announced.

"Mine, too," said Colin. "When Jesus comes again, He will take all who believe in Him to heaven. Mr. Shaw read a verse that says we'll be caught up in the clouds with Jesus."

"My teacher read that, too. She said it will happen really fast," added Tess. "Faster than an eye can twinkle! And . . ."

"The dead in Christ will rise first," Max interrupted. "Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord."

"He's quoting our memory verse," Tess explained. As she told more of what her teacher had said, Colin silently pushed his food around on his plate.

On Tuesday, Max and Tess stayed after school for basketball practice, and Colin hurried home alone. The clouds look really weird--kind of scary, he thought as he walked up the driveway. FULL POST

Posted 10/24/14 at 9:22 AM | Children's Bible Hour

No Good Deed Bandages

Photo: Pixabay - Public Domain

Mason was busily sweeping the garage when his father pulled into the driveway. "Hi, son," Dad greeted him. "What's new?"

"TJ has chickenpox," announced Mason, putting the broom away.

"And you?" Dad prompted with a sigh. He knew that when Mason did work without being asked, it usually meant he had done something wrong.

"Me?" Mason asked. "I'm fine." Dad waited. "I swept the whole garage." Dad still waited. "Oh, and . . . uh . . . I sort of hit Mr. White's dog with a little stone."

"Sort of?" Dad frowned. "You threw stones at Blackie? Did you hurt him?"

"No--just scared him," said Mason as they went into the house, "but Mr. White got mad. He said he'd come over tonight."

"Hi, Daddy." Four-year-old TJ greeted his father mournfully. "I'm sick.

I got the chickenpoxes, but I fixed em. I sticked bandages on em. See?"

"How silly can you get!" grumbled Mason when he saw his brother. "You can't cure chickenpox by covering up the spots! That might hide them a little bit, but it sure won't make them better!" FULL POST

Posted 10/22/14 at 8:56 AM | Children's Bible Hour

Dumb Ducks

Photo: Flickr/Joanna Bourne - Creative Commons

Alex pointed to some painted wooden ducks on the workbench. "What are you going to do with those?" he asked as his older brother Steve got ready to go duck hunting.

Steve picked up one of the fake ducks. "These are called decoys," he told the younger boy. "No self-respecting duck will come near if he sees me standing around with a gun in my hands. So I hide, but I put these guys out to float on the lake.

From the air, they look real, and when ducks fly overhead, they see them. They say to themselves, If that's a good spot for those ducks to land, it must be a good place for me.' Then down they come. I jump out of my hiding place and before they know it, I've got dinner."

"Humph!" Alex grunted. "What dumb ducks!"

That evening, Alex and Steve watched a football game on TV. During a commercial break, Steve opened a magazine, but he noticed his younger brother intently watching the commercial. Seeing Steve frown at him, Alex shrugged. "Why does Dad think drinking liquor is so bad?" he asked. "The people in that ad look like they're having fun." FULL POST

Posted 10/21/14 at 9:35 AM | Children's Bible Hour

The Guardrail

Photo: Pixabay - Public Domain

Six-year-old Heidi pressed her nose against the car window and looked down the mountainside. "It's a long way to the bottom!" she squealed.

"I know. I'll drive very carefully," Dad promised.

"There's a guardrail to keep us from going over if Dad happens to slip off the road, Heidi," said her brother Gabe. He sighed. "I still wish you had let me stay with Luke instead of going on this boring picnic way up on the mountain."

"Your aunt and uncle weren't going to be home," Dad reminded him. "You know you're not allowed to stay with your cousin when an adult is not home."

"You treat me like a little kid," Gabe grumbled. "Rules, rules, rules!"

"Rules are boundaries for your safety and protection," Dad explained. "We all need them--just like drivers need the protection of that guardrail."

"Besides, picnics aren't boring!" protested Heidi. "And Daddy says you can fish there." Gabe just sighed and stared out the window. FULL POST

Posted 10/20/14 at 12:47 PM | Children's Bible Hour

Moody Mary

"Good morning, honey." Mary's mother reached out to give her daughter a hug.

"Morning," Mary mumbled, sitting down quickly to avoid her mother's embrace. Mom looked puzzled but said nothing.

After school that afternoon, Mary burst through the door. "Hi, Mom! I had a great day!" she exclaimed and surprised her mother with a big hug.

The next day, Mary's brother Jason came into the kitchen wearing a frown. "I just met a grizzly bear!" he exclaimed. "Mary sure is grumpy!" Just then the phone rang, and he answered it. "It's for Grizzly," he muttered, going to the door to call his sister.

Mary came in and snatched the phone from her brother. "You could have brought it to me," she growled. She cleared her throat. "Hello," she said sweetly. She listened for a moment. "Oh, I'm fantastic!" she said, laughing.

"Did she say she's fantastic?" murmured Jason in surprise. "How can she be so grumpy one minute and so happy the next? She sure is moody!"

A few days later, Mary hummed happily as she helped her dad get the grill ready for hamburgers. But when her little sister wanted to help, Mary angrily shooed her away. Then she checked the grill. "The fire is out," she said and picked up the fuel starter. "I'll squirt some of this on the coals." FULL POST

Posted 10/16/14 at 8:32 AM | Children's Bible Hour

Crowded Out

Pixabay - Public Domain

At the breakfast table, Michelle plopped down across from her brother Anthony. "I had another nightmare last night," said Michelle with a sigh.

Anthony looked up from his cereal. "The one about a giant, hairy bat with a gazillion bulging eyes--like the creature in that book your class had to read?"

"Yep," Michelle said, wearily. "That's the one."

"What's the big deal, Michelle?" asked Anthony. "Why don't you just forget that thing? You shouldn't think about it right before you go to sleep. In fact, if I were you, I wouldn't think about it anymore at all!"

"Are you sure about that, Anthony? Let's try something," said Mom. "Right now, I want you to not think about . . . about a walrus wearing a red, polka-dot swimsuit." She paused. A moment later, she asked, "What are you thinking of?"

"Well, I . . ." Anthony hesitated, but figured he'd might as well tell the truth. "In my mind, I see . . . um . . . well, a fat old walrus splashing around in the water and wearing a really funny-looking swimsuit," he admitted. FULL POST

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