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False Labels

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Maggie's Sunday school class was enjoying a slumber party at her teacher's cottage. "Sleep well," said Mrs. Gordon when the girls finally began to settle down.

A sleepy-looking bunch of girls assembled in the dining room the next morning. "Breakfast is almost ready," said Mrs. Gordon, "so we'll have a short time of devotions first, and then we'll eat. We have bacon and eggs, cereal, sweet rolls--quite a variety this morning." She pointed to some of the things already on the table. "And be sure to try some of my own homemade, luscious, strawberry jam!" she added as she held up a large glass jar.

"Jam!" exclaimed Maggie. "That's a jar of pickles!"

"Pickles?" Mrs. Gordon looked surprised. Ignoring the green pickles in the jar, she pointed to the label. "Right here it says strawberry jam."

"That's what the label says," agreed Isobel, "but there are pickles, not jam, inside the jar!"

Mrs. Gordon smiled. "You're right, of course," she said. She looked at the girls around the table. "I hope none of you are like this jar."

The girls were puzzled. "How would we be like that jar of pickles?" Isobel asked.

"Like this jar, you might be wearing a false label," replied Mrs. Gordon. "Most of you wear the label Christian.' I know that in many ways you walk and talk like a Christian, and that's good. However, just like a jar of strawberry jam must have jam inside, what must a Christian have?"

"A Christian must have Jesus Christ!" exclaimed Maggie. "That's like last week's memory verse. It says if we have the Son,'--Jesus--we have life."

"Good!" Mrs. Gordon nodded. "We can't look inside anyone to see if she has Jesus in her heart and life, but God can. Does He see Christ in you?" She paused for a moment. "You'll be leaving for home after breakfast, but if anyone here is wearing a false label, please see me before you go. I'd like to help you make sure the inside matches the label. Now let's pray, and then we'll eat."

Quietly, the girls bowed their heads.

Do you call yourself a Christian? Saying you’re a Christian does not make you one. To be a Christian, you must believe on Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Believe that He died for you, that He rose again, and that He will forgive your sins if you trust in Him. When you admit your sin and trust in Jesus, He will give you eternal life.

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: 1 John 5:12 (KJV)
He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life.

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