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Open Wide

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Photo: Flickr/John5199 - Creative Commons
Red robin

"Mom, come and see!" Erin called. "Robins are building a nest in the tree by the porch." Mom went to join Erin, and together they watched a pair of robins fly back and forth with grass, moss, and small twigs in their beaks.

A few days later, Erin noticed that the mother bird was almost always sitting on the nest. Erin was sure there were eggs in it. Then after a couple of weeks, the pair of robins began carrying worms to the nest and Erin heard peeping sounds. "They've hatched!" she exclaimed, and every day she spent some time watching the activity around the robins' nest.

"Hi, Grandpa," Erin eagerly greeted her grandfather, who stopped in several days later. "Come see our robins!" She led the way down the back porch steps and pointed to the nest in the nearby tree.

"Here comes Mother Robin," observed Grandpa, and he and Erin watched as three little bald heads bobbed up, three little mouths opened wide, and one of them received the food from the mother robin.

Erin smiled. "They open their mouths so wide!" she exclaimed. "I can tell they're getting stronger, and I can't wait to watch them learn to fly."

"That will be interesting," agreed Grandpa as he and Erin sat down on the steps. He smiled. "What do you think would happen if those baby robins wouldn't open their mouths for food?"

"Well . . . they wouldn't get fed--and they sure wouldn't ever get strong enough to fly," replied Erin.

"Smart girl," declared Grandpa. "I have another question for you. What happens when Christians don't open their hearts and minds to take in the milk and meat of God's Word--the spiritual food He gives to strengthen His children?"

"You're saying I need to read my Bible every day, aren't you?" Erin asked with a grin. "Smart Grandpa," she added teasingly. Then she sighed. "I know I should do that, but it's really hard sometimes. I'm busy with homework and sports and stuff."

Grandpa put his arm around Erin's shoulders. "You need food to give you physical strength for all your activities, and you need God's Word to give you spiritual strength and to help you grow as a Christian," he reminded her.

Erin nodded. "I'll try to be more like those robins and open wide," she said.

Are you opening wide to take in the spiritual food God wants to give you? Do you read your Bible daily and listen carefully when you attend church and Sunday school? God’s Word, the Bible, has good food for you—promises, lessons, encouragement, warnings, and much more. Spend time with it daily. Read it, pray, and then obey the things God shows you in the Bible. Learn all you can from God’s Word. As you do that, you’ll grow stronger Christian in your Christian life.

TODAY'S KEY VERSE: Psalm 81:10 (KJV)
I am the Lord your God . . . Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.

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